"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

tweetin these days....

Couldn't blog for the last so many days, and no certain reasons for not doing so. but if you insist, i can tell you that twitter may have played a role in me not blogging.
My reintroduction into twitter after exaclty a year of absence there has somehow got me hooked. and i'm obsessed now, with me tweeting regularly (3-5 tweets daily) mostly from my smart phone. Heres my twitter page .
For those who are unaware of twitter, here is a small intro - " Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length."
For more go 2 and start tweetin.

And bdw i have started hating airtel gprs des days, gone are the days when it used 2 be 274/month, it became 374/month recently and very recently it became 674/month.
So ( airtel gprs sucks,airtel mobile office sucks,airtel gprs review,airtel mobile office review)
Keywords inside the brackets r meant to save those folks who search for airtle gprs reviews on google. Hope they find this. my advice 2 em "Don go 4 airtel gprs, better go for a bsnl broadband which is much more feasible ".
Over for now !

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smsgyan beta launched.

Finally we have launched our first product's beta version in our college(lbs college of engineering for those unaware) without much fanfare even though the district collector inaugurated it inside a packed house seminar hall with everyone's mouth half open in amazement.
The reason we didn't want a bigger fanfare was just simple and obvious-we were releasing a beta version and not a stable one. So we kept that for the stabler version release.

For those wanting an early peek into the product, just visit
and to know the story behind it go to

And talking about the stable version release, it is most likely to happen on a date which starts with number 1 and ends with the number 3, no more clues, sorry. And the place which will witness the dream come true of four young rare minds addicted to innovations will be ofcourse Technopark .

So hold your breath !!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fear in my eyes........

I have my pads on, and every other thing that was provided to me to face one of the best bowler in the world at a packed house Eden gardens , preferably a south african bowler. Yes i'm selected to the Indian cricket team. And i just confirmed my middle stump guard with the umpire....... and then i saw him running towards me at great speed indicating the greater speed of his delivery that i will be facing in a moment...... i lifted my eyes automatically opened as wide as it could..... probably i was ready........

That is the kind of situation i have myselves in..... even though it is too minute when compared to a selection to the Indian cricket team....... but nevertheless i can see many eyes staring at me with great expectations. Eyes that i dont want to see dissapointed. As a result..... i have got fear inside my eyes..... And i got no regrets, because that increments my motivation keywords list by one (AkA ++ in programming terms)....... with the other keywords being.... dream, passion,addiction, and i'm sure a lot of fun...

PRAY FOR ME BROTHER and ofcourse SISTER'S as well. ;-)

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Monday, October 06, 2008

The innoz forward mail doing the rounds.

One annoying innoz forward mail that you should forward to all your email contacts if you love innoz, for that matter even if you hate innoz , ;-)

We assume you should have already voted for us . But we need more help.
We somehow came to know that you have got a big list of email
contacts. So getting straight into the matter, we want you to forward
this email to all those contacts.

For those wondering what this fuss is all about........ please read on >>>>

Innoz technologies is a student startup (four students from the Lbs
college of engineering,Kasaragod being the founders,and one of the four is a kunilian) based at the
prestigious Technopark TBI center. Innoz have been shortlisted for
TATA NEN Hottest startups contest and the winner is being decided by
public voting.Now this is what you can do if you haven't yet voted
for us

Please sms HOT(space)66 to 56767 from your mobile or vote online at (we advice you to vote from your mobile because that
is a lot more easier than the online option unless you are outside india)

Now if you are looking for reasons or want reasons to ?forward this
mail or to vote for us?, you can try convincing yourselves with one of
the below reasons.......

+ You belong to the same college as the founders.

+ The friend who forwarded this mail belongs to the same college as
the founders and because you love that friend very much you dont want
to ignore him/her.

+ You know one or more of the founders personally and wants to see
him/them successfull.

+ You are sooooooooo fed up of these innoz guys because they are
behind you everywhere asking you to vote for them. Your Email inbox is
full of their mails, your mobile is full of their Sms, you cant walk
peacefully because anytime anywhere(Inside the classroom,outside the
clasroom,canteen etc etc.........) these guys jump upon you begging
for your vote. So you just want to get rid of them by forwarding this
mail so that they come in the top 30 list and hopefully stop bothering
you. And you will have your peacefull days back

+ Who knows if Innoz makes it very big one day, even you might land a
job there.... or atleast in the future your son/daughter might get a
job there because of your one forwarded mail or your one precious
vote. Soooo dont take a chance... ;-)

+ You are very confident of the innoz guys and you are sure that they
will come up with a lot of innovative products that will make your
life more enjoyable and comfortable.

+ You have already lost some time by reading this much, now what do
you loose extra by forwarding this mail to all your friends??

And if you still cant convince yourselves with any of the above
option, noffin to worry......... because some very bad news wont come
searching for you even if you dont forward this mail. But if you do,
we are sure some very good news will soon come your way. :-)

Visit to know more about us.


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Saturday, October 04, 2008


If i remember right, i started to hear that term (hisam) some 20 years back along with some other common terms. I heard that word so commonly that i soon started turning my head when i heard that word. Not before long i realised that they had named me hisam.... and i was supposed to respond when they called me that name. And all these years i have been doing exactly that.

The reason for me to get nostalgic about my own name now is Google. Yes you heard it right. My all time favourite google just returned my blog hisamonomics as the first result(from a pile of 130000 other results) for the search term "hisam". Click hisam to see it.( it might or might not go down later) .

Now,What is the big fuss about it??

No fuss, but if you can see through it.... this post is just another twisted search engine optimistaion(seo) to cement hisamonomics on the top for the search term hisam.

If you still cant see through it....... then just do a HOMERUN(defn:run as fast as you can to your home so that you reach your home as soon as possible).... i jus heard your mammaa calling you loud !! ;-)

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The innoz attitude pic.

The attitude pic

They told us we lacked attitude in our first snap that we sent them ( read them as "Dhanam", a malayalam biz magazine), that was to appear along side an interview that we gave them. So we had to show em some real attitude the next time we clicked. Hope they dont reject this snap citing too much attitude, ;-).

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Help innoz technologies become India's hottest startup.

Vote for Innoz at TATA NEN Hottest Startups awards.

SMS HOT(space)66 to 56767 or Vote Online at

Thank you.

hisam of hisamonomics fame . ;-)
Chief innovator ... innoz technologies.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Using firefox hisam shtyle .

I know i'm no firefox geek, and i also know that i have not enjoyed using any piece of software as much as i have enjoyed using firefox.

I have my own style when it comes to using firefox (no copyrights) , just have a look and see if its of any help to you.

My main playground is the "bookmarks" , because i find this to be the most usefull and interesting feature on firefox. And with the tremendous improvement in the "bookmarks" with Firefox 3 has made things a lot more easier and interesting for me.

So let me start with the keyword trick that is associated with every bookmark you save on your firefox.
This is how it works >>>>

Go to tools > Organize bookmarks and then select a bookmark, you will then see the properties of that particular bookmark at the bottom >> like this

and then a "more" button, clicking on that will get you 2 more options, namely keyword and description. We dont have anything to do with description.

enter something as a keyword matching that particular bookmark.
For instance i have "t" for , "O" for and so on.

And after entering a keyword, click the less button below.

Now what you can do is just enter that keyword on the adress bar and press enter to get that particular bookmarked site.
i.e when i enter "O" in the address bar and press enter, i'm taken to orkut.

Similarly have keywords to most of your frequently visited pages.
Like i have a keyword for each of my owned communities on orkut.
Damn useful it is.

The second trick being, quick searches which i have already mentioned in one of my previous post, read it here

The third trick allows me to have my bookmarks synchronised automaticaly in all the firefox installations that i use >>>on a firefox on my desktop, 2 on my lappy ( one in linux and another one in XP). The answer is a firefox extension called Fomarks.
This is what foxmarks has got to boast about itself >>>

"If you use Firefox on more than one computer, you'll want Foxmarks. Install Foxmarks on each computer, and it will work silently in the background to keep your bookmarks synchronized. You can also log in to to manage your bookmarks from any computer."

One awesome extension, especially if you are a bookmarking freak and use a lot of computer systems. And if you are one, i will be surprised if you havent googled it yet. Anyhow here is the foxmarks link

Hope that was of some help to someone somewhere.

Chillax. ( ? ? ? CHILL+RELAX )

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Azhar’s story: A miracle of love

The story of the unbelievable survival of a 10-year-old boy who was shot through the forehead by the police in the aftermath of the riots in Ahmedabad.

Azharuddin walks to his school today, more than six years later, a little wobbly on his feet, but coherent in his mind and ready to often smile.

Children orphaned by the Ahmedabad riots.

A police bullet pierced right through the 10-year-old boy’s forehead, and flew out from the other end, near his neck. But Azharuddin walks to his school across the streets of Ahmedabad today, more than six years later, a little wobbly on his feet, his one hand bent permanently like a spastic, but coherent in his mind and ready to often smile. It is a resplendent miracle of love. To add further shine to the wonder, his mother Shakila Bano also survived a bullet that penetrated her chest, just inches away from her heart.

The year was 2002, nearly two months after the communal massacre that devastated the Muslim residents of the city, following the burning of a train in Godhra. Nearly a hundred thousand men, women and children were in relief camps at that time, their loved ones killed or missing, their homes burnt. An uneasy false peace had descended over the old city where most of the Muslim population of the city lived, but stray incidents of violence and vengeance were reported from time to time, and the air was clogged with rumours and fear.

Suddenly one day in April, 2002, two bodies were discovered on a highway at the outskirts of the city near the village of Ramol. The dead men were identified as activist members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, one of the organisations which were at the forefront of organising the slaughter weeks earlier. It was quickly concluded that this was a revenge killing by the Muslims of the area.

Blind retaliation

In a short while, a convoy of jeeploads of local policemen, in uniform and helmets, drove stormily into the Muslim settlement that happened to fall nearest the place where the killed men had been found. This was the working class colony Mohammed Nagar. As soon as they entered the shanty, they began to fire blindly. Shakila Bano’s home falls close to the road near the entrance to the settlement. She was in her kitchen, kneading flour for the afternoon meal. She suddenly heard the commotion, the echo of bullets and the cry of her 10-year-old son Azhar, who was playing on the road. She came running out with the flour sticking to her hands, to find him lying motionless in a pool of blood around his head. A bullet has penetrated through his skull. She screamed in anguish and anger at the policemen who were driving by in their jeeps. She was silenced by another bullet, which went through her chest. She too fell unconscious.

The uproar outside their home alerted the other residents of the ghetto to rush into their houses and bolt their doors. The rampaging police continued to fire blindly. Zarina Bano was hit on the shoulder, Nanhi Bahen on the hand, and Rubina Bano on the chest. Aged Zuleikha fell dead to another bullet. Mohammed Rafiq, a railway employee, had the misfortune to be returning from work on his bicycle at that very moment. From behind their windows, the other residents saw him plead in terror for his life, showing the unforgiving policemen his identity card, only to be shot dead.

Paramilitary forces of the RAF followed quickly on the heels of the local police. Their officers were shocked by the consequences that they saw of a police run berserk. They assumed Azhar to be dead, but rushed his mother Shakila who was bleeding and unconscious to the hospital. This saved her life.

Azhar’s father Sheikh Imamuddin was at work at that time in the aluminium moulding factory where he was employed. He heard smatterings of news of the horrors of the police rampage and rushed home. By then, other police officials had arrived in the colony. Imam begged them to lend him their ambulance to take his son to the government hospital. They told him that he should take the boy to the cemetery instead, but relented after the father pleaded piteously.

In the hospital emergency ward, the doctors declared the boy dead. The shattered father sat with his head lowered in sorrow on a bench in the hospital corridor, clutching the edge of the stretcher on which his son lay, waiting to move his body to the mortuary. Suddenly he felt violent vibrations in the stretcher. For a moment, he thought it was a replay of the earthquake which had devastated the city of Ahmedabad a year earlier. But instead he raised his head to find that his son, still unconscious, was heaving with convulsions. Imam ran back to the doctors to plead with them to save the life of his son. They dismissed him, believing that the father was crazed by the grief of his son’s death. But he fell to their feet, pressing his head on their shoes. They relented finally, and three young doctors on duty walked with him to the corridor. They too were then stunned by the sight of the convulsions of the boy they had all taken to be dead, and they began running towards him. One doctor even slipped and fell in his haste.
Exemplary compassion

All three doctors were Hindu, and those were dark times when one’s religious faith notoriously clouded even the duty and humanity of many professionals like doctors and lawyers. But Imam testifies that these three young doctors showed him no prejudice, only exemplary compassion. For the next several weeks, Imam barely left the bedside of his son, as the doctors battled for his life. Imam learnt meanwhile of his wife’s miraculous survival in another government hospital, and his relatives tended her to health. Finally the day came when Shakila Bano, and then her son Azhar were both discharged from hospital and returned to their home.

Since the day his son returned home, his father Imam has only one obsession: the care of his son. The boy, for several months, could not rise from his bed, even to go to the toilet. The doctors had prescribed him a rigid (and expensive) regime of medicines and physiotherapy. Imam would work overtime in his aluminium moulding factory, and even after hours he sought any kind of work — head-loading, cleaning, construction labour — anything that would earn him extra money. The family and neighbours knew that the family may go without food, but no money would be spared for the boy’s medicines and treatment. The boy suffered terrible headaches and lapses of memory and even eyesight. But his parents persisted, his mother oblivious of the burning pain that sometimes still rose in her own chest which was also penetrated by a bullet. It was because of his parents’ unwavering love that, over several months, the boy slowly began to rise to his feet.

Imam wished to see the policemen who shot his son through the forehead, and his wife in her chest, punished. “My son was too young even to know who is a Hindu and who is a Muslim”, he lamented. But none were willing even to file his complaint. He stubbornly persisted, and filed a complaint in the magistrate’s court, but he has not heard from the court in these six years.

Instead, the police filed a complaint to justify their firing, with a story that Azhar and his mother were part of a mob that was trying to demolish a tiny temple that stands at the outskirts of their colony. The police FIR claims that the crowd was lobbing bombs at the temple. Nine people of the colony were arrested for this alleged attack on the temple. Unlike those who were arrested for the crimes in the carnage two months earlier — who easily secured bail — these Muslim accused from the colony were refused bail and remained in jail for five years. In the end, however, the court acquitted all of them, as the police was unable to prove their charges. It rankles Imam a lot that not a single policeman has been punished for raining bullets at his son and wife, and other innocent residents of Mohammed Nagar.

Slow progress

Imam himself is completely unlettered, but he was determined that his son should get the best education within his reach. Five years after the bullet entered his son’s skull, he held him by his hand as he stumbled unsteadily, and took him to a neighbouring private English medium school named “Sunflower”, established by a local Muslim entrepreneur. He begged the principal to admit his son, and he relented. Azhar is now 17 years old, but in class VI. He often finds it hard to remember things, and sometimes falls while walking. He is frequently grounded by throbbing pain, and even more so by frightening memories. Imam has warned his family and neighbours to not react when the boy has bouts of great fury and stubbornness. His teachers say that he is doing well in school, and the doctors affirm that the extent of his healing is utterly exceptional.

I believe that it is in the boy’s smiles and unsteady steps that his parents too have found some healing.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Firefox vs Chrome on my Celeron M.

Ever since i downed Chrome and installed it on my Celeron M lappy, i have been worried for that firefox shortcut on my desktop. But once i started using Chrome, that worry seemed non existant. Know why below...

+ the main reason being simple, Chrome takes more memory. Each tab opens as a new process/thread which my poor Celeron M cant afford.
Ya it can have its positive effects, say when a tab hangs/crashes it doesnt effect other open tabs since they all are different process/threads.
Read this Google on Google Chrome - comic book to get a better idea.

+ And when the actual browsing speed is concerned, its a lot slower than my ff3. I did a speed testing with both the browser loading "hisamonomics" and did a split watch

It took 18.90 secs for Chrome to show the first signs of hisamonomics (read title) and the second split was when "hisamonomis" would completely load. I waited.......waited and finally stopped the watch when it was 05:01.01. Yup 5 minutes. And it was not complete even then. I told you i stopped out of frustration.

Now compare this with Firefox. 09.54 secs for initial signs of hisamonomics (read title again) and when the stop watch read 01:04.13, hisamonmics was all ready.

Firefox a clear winner here.

+ No signs of any thing like extensions on Chrome. And you must know that i can hardly breathe without em.

+ A new tab in chrome shows your most visited sites in fast dial mode. Coool, ehhh?? an extension called fast dial does ditto for you on firefox.

The below screenshot shows the new tab for my chrome. The most visited sites being shown as a fast dial and your recent bookmarks shown on the right side.

-Incognito mode. Yup thats one area Chrome has caught firefox unaware. But by the next ff release that should be easily overcome. For those unaware, Incognito mode lets users create an "incognito" window where "nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged onto your computer."
This is a read-only feature with access to one's bookmarks or favorite sites.

+ all my favourite firefox shortcuts are intact on Chrome which shows that google has adopted the firefox kernel and tried to better it from thee. :-)

All in all i feel Chrome is out just to cut out Microsft I.E's market share and for google to have more control over how its internet applications work. Also just heard that it will be possible to have Gmail on an offline mode in Chrome with the Google gears functionality being added to Chrome.

For now i'm happy with my darling firefox 3 and its cool extensions. Lets see what Chrome has to offer in the future. Till then Firefox,Me and the world.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why do google need Chrome ?

I was surprised to read that google is coming out with its own browser named "chrome".
But why?? that is the quetsion i just fail to get an answer for.

why google wants a browser of its own , when they have been funding Firefox almost single handedly ??

The most satisfying answer that i got was from the Mozilla's Europe president, Tristan Nitot (of course i googled that), this is what he had to say --->>>

"Mozilla's Europe president, Tristan Nitot also chimed in during an interview with PCPro, stating that they don't view this as a direct attack on Firefox, even if it did catch them by surprise. "I'll take another example: just before Microsoft launched Vista, it invited us [to work with it] so that Firefox works better on Windows Vista. Because for it, Firefox being a top-tier application that was very successful - we now have 200 million users around the world - it could not afford to have Firefox run slowly on Vista. Therefore, it helped us improve Firefox for Vista. That's just the same for Google. It wants Firefox to perform well with its applications, that's for sure. Indeed, it even wants IE to perform well with Gmail and the rest. It's just that it has very limited control over this. That's why Google's been frustrated and it is launching this Chrome browser."

And from whatever little i have read, i get a feeling that CHROME is a place that google wants its users to reach for the maximum utilisation of its products or apps. And i have already started feeling that its going to be another master stroke from the masters of the internet. And now i get reminded of the problems that i have with gmail in firefox, small but annoying at times especially with a slow connection.
Maybe that is the sort of problems that google wants to overcome using its CHROME.

Some snapshots of the new chrome.

And i just found out this --->>>>>>>> "Google Chrome has a new engine for loading interactive JavaScript code, dubbed V8, which is designed to run the next generation of future Web applications. V8 will speed up JavaScript performance in the browser."--->>>>>>>> and i know thats clearly aimed at Gmail.

Some features promised include

+ The browser supports multi-tasking. Just like in a typical operating system each application is given its own memory and its own copy of global data structures. Applications will launch in their own windows so that if one should hang or crash it won’t affect the others.

This will also prevent the whole browser from crashing because it’s essentially been partitioned off.

+ The browser has an address bar ‘omnibox’ with auto-completion features. It offers search suggestions, top pages that a user visited and pages he didn’t visit but are popular.

The omnibox also gives suggests searches. The browser's search blank keeps a track of keywords in a users' previous visit, allowing one to type in, say, "cellphone" to pull up any web pages he visited recently that pertained to cellphones, say Nokia.

+ Like IE8 Beta 2, Chrome also comes with privacy mode or porn mode feature. This mode lets users create an "incognito" window where "nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged onto your computer."
This is a read-only feature with access to one's bookmarks or favorite sites.

Impressive, ehhhhh??

But if you think Internet Explorer is going to be the main looser, then think twice. I think this will hurt Firefox badly.

This is the reason that google gave for building a browser Read about why we built a browser.
Here is the download link for chrome Beta click here

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Yet another dumb goalie......

Watch another one here

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Monday, September 01, 2008

hisamonomics and me.....

hisamonomics !! I have started to hear that name more often these days...... even to the extent that friends have started to adress me with "hisamonomics" ( or simply monomics and sorta) when i make a silent entry into parties or functions. And i dont feel bad when they do that, infact i feel the exact opposite.
hisamonomics is for me like Ash is for Abhishek, i know i'm no Abhishek ( i dont want to be) and hisamonomics aint any Ash. Its just that style statement me and Abhishek wants the outer world to see. (Abhishek has Ash and me got hisamonomics and not the other way round) ;-)

I probably summed it up well when i had my header ready for hisamonomics,( some part of it read "the social science that deals with the way hisam thinks") . I think i have been partially or more than partially succesfull when i look back at it and the way i have maintained this blog.
Yes i was consistently irregular when it came to posting here (obviously a bug named lazy thats in my blood is responsible) and whenever i have posted i think it was "the way hisam thought". But i have to confess that i have never posted things that was very personal to me (another bug named shy that also runs through my blood is responsible).

And talking of the feedback that i get from you, aaaaaah that is the ultimate reward that hisamonomics can have. Be it good or bad, for hisamonomics it just means that one turned head.
And that is satisfying.
Talking of feedbacks, they are sorted into 2,
+ comments that you give here and the
+ oral comments you gimme directly ( the entry addressal that i mentioned in the beginning of this post)

Talking of comments that i get here on hisamonomics are very few and far, but all the same they are very satisfying to have when they are few and far. The same feeling that i used to have when i had very few email messages in my inbox (some ten years back), those were the days when i would just wait to get a mail from someone in my inbox and when i did i would feel extra ordinary. Fast forward to the present where thousands and thousands of mails kept unread in my gmail inbox and i dont feel any extraordinary.
I know a day will come (soon) when hisamonomics wont feel extraordinary by the thousands of unread comments. And i hope it will be a direct fall out of another extra ordinary feeling that i will have because of an extra ordinary thing that is going to happen in my life.

And i aint ready to loose any valuable possessions of mine when i'm on the way to attain that extra ordinary feeling.

For sure hisamonomics RISING........ sloooooooowly....... but SURELY.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A view of my college from up there /\

Click the snap to enlarge

The TOP VIEW of the LBSCE.
Somehow i cant figure out the canteen, please do that for me. ;-)

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogger captcha that only Google can read.

This is one captcha that i got for publishing a post on blogger, how the hell am i supposed to read this piece of text. I have been subjected to this sort of captcha many a times these days by blogger.

Forget automated programs reading this, even a proper eye sighted human like me cant read this.

My sympathies to those who got a poor eye sight and lives on blogspot.

The only occasion where i hate google in this otherwise smooth and pretty long love affair.

Time for a rethink on your captcha styling, Google folks !!. :)

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Google Champions league .

Ever heard of the title, no way !!..... cos i just coined that. It is supposed to be a game that i will be playing with the help of my ever favourite google.
Here's the funda : I search for different similar search terms on Google and compare the total search results for a particular term with the other similar terms, and the search term with the largest number of results emerge as the champion of that particular league. If u still havent got me, then stare down \/

Politician Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 manmohan singh 1,960,000

2 sonia gandhi 936,000

3 lk advani 840,000

4 lalu prasad yadav 196,000

Manmohan singh winning that comfortably by over 1 crore votes........ i mean results ;-).

Now i hope you got what the game is all about (for those who hadnt got it earlier).

Bollywood heroes Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 shahrukh khan 2,360,000

2 aamir khan 1,700,000

3 hrithik roshan 1,520,000

4 akshay kumar 1,410,000

IT company Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 google 2,490,000,000

2 microsoft 806,000,000

3 ibm 251,000,000

4 mozilla 121,000,000

Google hands down !! The margin of victory is over 1500 crores over its nearest rival microsoft.
(note: google has no influence over this champions league even if i'm using their search engine, LOL ;-) )

Body Building Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 six pack abs 1,140,000

2 bisceps 4,060

3 trisceps 368

Uffffffff, see i have always rooted for six pack abs and here i have got an able supporter in google. If you feel like having one....... then here is an hisamonomics way to get it HOW TO GET SIX PACK ABS WORKOUT ROUTINE.

Now lets have some one to one

love-2,180,000,000 > friendship-106,000,000
hmmmmmmmmm, no comments. ;-)

girls-634,000,000 > boys-418,000,000
hmmmmmmm,, i din like that.

doctor-343,000,000 > engineer-170,000,000
Thats not fair google, after all we built you.

george bush-41,500,000 > bin laden-23,700,000
Surprise,surprise !!

desktop-405,000,000 > laptop-251,000,000

bipasha basu-1,340,000 > mallika sherawat - 1,120,000
Was jus eager to know google's opinion, noffin else. ;-)

The da vinci code-6,600,000 > The alchemist-1,670,000
The margin would have been less but for the "the da vinci code " movie.

iit-7,480,000 > iim-5,260,000

work-2,060,000,000 > sleep-279,000,000
hmmmmmmmmm, i thought otherwise, thats why i compared.

no-7,640,000,000 > yes-1,020,000,000
girlish !! ;-)

stop-854,000,000 > nonstop-21,100,000
Google has asked me to stop for now.

I may have a part 2 of this, so lemme know of any new interesting one to one's or categories that you have in your mind through the comments link below. will you \/ wont you ??

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to make your folder truly and only your's .

Here is a trick which makes your folder almost impossible for others to acces without the help of any software.

The first thing you should do is make the folder hidden,
The next step is to make your folder invisible which you can learn from one of my previous posts How to make a folder invisible.

Then make sure that your hidden folders are not shown, i.e select the options "do not show hidden folders" from the tools>folder>view .
Do the above step only after you have followed the first two steps.

Now your folder is almost inaccessible (apart from you that is).

Now the main trick here is that for you to access the folder you dont have to reverse this process.
Lets say that your folder is in iama/bolan and assuming you have erased the name and made it invisible by using "alt-255" trick which means the name of your folder is a single "alt+255" press on your keyboard ( if you used only one"alt+255").
If this is your case then you can directly get inside your folder by just entering the path on the address bar.......... i.e if you do a "iama/bolan/("alt+255")" on your address bar you are vrooooooooooooooooooomed right into your folder (even with that folder hidden and invisible).

To make your folder more secure use multiple "alt+255" as your folder name.
Thatsh it!!
Have a try and prove that your "iama/bolan/ " path is very true even if no one's noticing it, ;-).

note:Works only on windows.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Opensuse 10.3,mplayer,gcc,Wine..........

Opensuse 10.3,mplayer,gcc,Wine..........

The four words that has dominated my desktop for the past week. It all started with my longing for yet another stint with a linux O.S for my desktop. I actually started with that Kubuntu 8.04 hardy kde4 which i heard was cooool, and i found out soon when i installed it, it looked cool (kde 4), everything seemed fine...... wvdial configured for airtel made me feel at home.....

The start of problems however was when i rebooted for the first time, to my surprise........i found no windows boot option in GRUB which was not cool at all....... found out later that it is one of the most reported bugs on HARDY........ i guess that is a tit for tat....... aka windows style...... Apun ke Ilake mein koin doosra O.S nahi chalegaaaaaa.........

That was only the tip, i found out my Taskbar for kubuntu 8.04 missing or rather vanished which looked soooo good last time i logged ( that was also the first time)....... i just couldn't take that and pulled out an Opensuse 10.3 installation cd and started the process...... hoping that my Windows boot will be restored and started looking for reasons to believe that Opensuse 10.3 was actually better than Kubuntu, and also was convinced sooon that it was better. looked and felt better even though it was kde 3.5. Also had firefox preinstalled, not so in the case of Kubuntu.

the next thing i got hooked to was adding a repo.... couldn't do that....... the reason was that i tried;
apt-cdrom add
which i found out soon wont work on opensuse because it had Yum instead of apt and also soon found out that i didn't have Yum installed on my system...... hope started fading here too...... So copied the whole repo into the /home/hisam directory and tried to compile the source files from there...... one at a time....... started with my favourite mplayer...... which lead to another discovery...... that i didnt have the gcc compiler which obviously was required to compile source files....... kept a download for a 23 mb gcc...........src.rpm file through my very slow but very kind airtel gprs........ gave a "shutdown -r 120"...... and then i dozed....... found out in the morning that the down was a Thumbs up....... tried to install it;

rpm -hiv gcc.......src.rpm

then got a spec file at /usr/src/packages/SPECS

rpmbuild -ba gcc33.spec

which lead to the below failure.....

error: Failed build dependencies:
flex is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586
bison is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586
gettext-devel is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586
zlib-devel is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586

That meant i had to install flex,biso,gettext-devel,zlib-devel first inorder to install gcc which in turn was required to compile any source files...... Kismat Konnection i guess.
And i was also told that to install flex,biso,gettext-devel,zlib-devel i may require other dependent files....... How cool na ??

And in the meanwhile i found out that my Windows boot was not restored.....


But one certain upside to all this is my stumbling upon Wine, na not that wine, this one is a software for linux which can run windows Api applications, like .exe files right from your linux distro. I stumbled on this when i did an rpm search for flex,bison......... I downed that rpm..... and thank god i was not asked for any other dependent files to install wine, Yast did it Windows style for me........

And soon had my Firefox 3,picasa and media player classic running on my linux O.S....... that was treat for my eyes......

So i have decided that i will be repairing using an xp cd which will bring the Windows back, and then againg doing a tweak with Opensuse installation cd..... to get back both in tandem. That will work i guess.

The only consolation that i have is Wine, the cool Linux software that is. ;-)

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Monday, July 21, 2008

The class photo.

( click the snap to enlarge)

Maybe this will be my one stop reference point to bring back all those LBS memories........ Good and bad for years and years to come.
I say this because friends are the one's who made those memories special and in this snap i can see all those faces who saw me at the class door at 10 minutes past the 2nd hour, wondering when will he finally make it on time (they kept on wondering..........) and smiling at the silly excuses i had to give to the teacher, which started right from the 2nd day of 1&2 and continued till the last day of the 8th semester. For those wondering what happened on the first day of 1&2, i would like to remind them i made it on time that day. ;-) Seriously......... i made it.

And i take this chance to thank each and everyone of em for all the smiles that they managed for my foolishness, for all those answers they managed to show me in the exam hall, for all the help for those lab printouts, for all the proxies they called for me,for all the fun that we had on our tour, for all those treats that they managed to give me (really appreciated), and....and for all those small and big memories that i probably will carry with me when i move on........ cos "Memories are forever".

And above all for playing a role in my journey called life and helping me realize a better part of ME.


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Payperpost works.

My blog kept on getting rejected at Payperpost simply because i did not have ten post in the previous thirty days and i kept on resubmitting it. Now it has finally got approved, ya you guessed right i have got ten posts in the last 20 days or so.

What i love about payperpost is the whole system of their's. You need to get your blog approved first ( for that you need to have ten posts in the last 30 days as i have already mentioned) and once it gets approved you can see your qualified opportunities on the "open opportunities" link. Payperpost also provides its users with other ways of earning like "Review my post" and "PPP direct", which are just so cool and useful.

I first heard of payperpost through one of my friends who is also an avid blogger and signed up to earn some dollars through my blog.

What is so cool about payperpost is that you dont need to have a blog with a pagerank, the only thing you need to have is a blog and atleast ten valid posts in the last 30 days. This is very helpful for the bloggers who blog good content regularl, but do not have a pagerank for themselves.
This makes payperpost different from other blog advertising services which mainly insist on a pagerank of atleast one to get the blog approved. But its an added advantage at payperpost if you have a pageranked blog because you will get more opportunities and at the same time not necessary to have one to get started.

So if you want to make money then payperpost is the thing you are missing.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Swades solutions is now innoz technologies.
we will soon move to our new domain from the previous

and our new punch line reads thus....


a rare breed of young minds addicted to innovations.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lbs and you........

As i just completed my official Lbs days.... i stumbled upon one truly awesome post by an LBSian almost 10 years senior to me, but the post holds true to every LBSian's experiences of those four years at the Rockgarden..........

Read on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"Well into the eighth year after graduation and a few grey hair above my forehead (not to mention the ones behind my ear), I have realized that it is too ambitious to hope that the ghosts (spelled fairies!) of your past will leave you. I believe the four years of “myLBS” has sown enough to last for the next eight years and most likely the rest of my life. My observations range from gatherings with an LBS lineage and otherwise, I’ve been surprised and quite often confused at the consistency with which any of these meetings fail to end without a mention of it. And if you have a larger gathering of the former kind, all sorts of ghosts come back haunting.

You land up at your friend’s place and the four of you huddle around a bottle of single malt, the discussions and memories apparently shoot back to the Meghraj days (the only bar in ksd then) when the same eternally cash starved friends used to sink bottles of AJ rum (Rs twenty a quarter), mind you, without water or soda (the secret is to block your nose when you pour the liquid down)!.....when you pull out a couple of hundred rupee notes for the ticket to that mal movie in PVR, you glance back and smile at your friend standing next to you who is also thinking of queing up in the sun at Roopesh, Mehboob, (I am painfully refraining from mentioning “Kanyaka”) with a ten rupee note lining your pocket ….When you pull out a hundred bucks for a pack of “Goldflake Kings” and wait for the change, in the back of your mind you are solving, “how much do I still owe Hameecha for all the beedis I have borrowed and left without a trace?”….You are rushing into a meeting when you are suddenly consumed by this urge to call your ol’ pal whom you are still in touch with and remind him of the party meeting just about to start in room # 203, first floor, men’s hostel “dei, oru kettu beediyum edutho, just in case”…and you don’t need no occasion to remember the story of your good friend who is seeing the computer lab for the first time for his university exam, typing in “Pleasecome-onC” to open the Borland editor!...and for a very few lucky fellas who are getting married know they will have an explanation to make about the memento sitting pretty in their living room – the best “couple” in college – indeed a sinking feeling…driving a spanking new car out of your parking to your grocery store just a turn away, you think of the umpteenth time you have walked back thirteen kms to your hostel after the late-night film!....

In internet terminology “LBSCE” is among the top 5 “keywords” of our lives, and in google terminology, it has gathered a pretty impressive “page rank”!

In the end I have given up, I tried but there is no way I am getting over the intoxicating four years of my life. But can I pass it on?
For current students: Traditionally at LBS, there has been more to life being in the back benches that the front ones and more to life being outside the buildings than the back benches!
For the alumni: As you read this, in your current capacity, what is it that can make you a great ambassador? And what is it that the college can gain from it?
Institute a cash award for the top 3 academic projects done inhouse? Sponsor a domain and hosting the college website? Help students spin projects around it? personally conduct sessions on tech trends, industry trends, job opportunities within and outside IT? Arent building impressive resumes, presentation skills, communication skills etc trainable and key to a graduate’s prospects? Help students network, reach out and present to the HRs of different companies that we work for? Or even more ambitiously, help find funding and market the ideas to be taken beyond the campus? Arent a lot of us making money from the internet doing a lot of unconventional things? and so on ...

Take a little time to pool in your ideas…and of course your memories :)


This is where the post orignally lies.........

hisam loves

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The inscrutable americans review

This is a hilarious novel written in the viewpoint of an Indian in the foreign soil relating the difficulties he face in understanding the language,culture and mostly the "do's and dont's" he couldnt approve. This book also describes the ease with which any person would end up adapting the "so-called " American culture.

This book features an Indian who vith the atmost desire to do his higher studies in improving the quality of oil, lands up in America.Like any normal Indian, he too compares foreign facts to Indian cultures and holds himself tight apart from the turn overs of life.He manages himself to stay green(veg) for a vhile but, unknowingly had to give it away.He even had problems adjusting to his foreign blooded room-mate. Surprisingly the relation had to be rewritten as missing life vithout the masties of his dude.He was adored by a woman next door -bit of news difficult for him to digest.Instead he tried himself to luv a girl living opposite,but too late she was already meant for someone else."CRACK" he walked around as if dumb hither and thither.

The book concludes vith his bidding a heart-hurted gudbye to his loved ones.He vithin a short span succeeded vinning hearts and somevere deep thought of staying back.It gives the readers a hilarious realisation of the facts for vich Americans are not to blame.

To buy this book for only 92 rupees click here

Reviewed by Sona for hisamonomics.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Firefox 3 - so far sooooooooooooooo good.

Just installed the firefox 3 and my love for firefox has just crossed more limits. Here i'm describing what i have instantly found new and improved in the 3 odd hours of my experience....

+ The foremost and the most noteable thing is the tremendous improvement in the bookmarking. I would like to call it the ITUNESisation of the bookmarks. The "Organize bookmarks" is now available as a Library....... ditto itunes, where in addition to your bookmarks you have the whole history of your websites visits also saved automatically. You can now sort your bookmarks and history by the number of visit counts to that particular website......... it can be compared to the play count in itunes.
More feature added to the bookmarking are........
- the keyword facility for each address
- you can now save your bookmark searches into dynamic folders that keeps updating.
- you can now TAG your bookmarks.

+ The other notable one is the improvement in the download manager with the additional option of pausing and resuming downloads which i have been missing all the while. Thank you ff3.

+Instant Web Site ID- Want to be extra sure about a site’s legitimacy before you make a purchase? Click on a site favicon for an instant identity overview. Another click digs deeper: how many times have you visited? Are your passwords saved? Check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries and make sure a site is what it claims to be.

+Anti Phishing-Shop and do business safely on the Internet. Firefox gets a fresh update of web forgery sites 48 times in a day, so if you try to visit a fraudulent site that’s pretending to be a site you trust (like your bank), a browser message—big as life—will stop you.

+ And from my very early experience........ i feel that the speed has improved.... yes it has.

I'm sure as i go on romancing ff3, i'm goin to love this one damn good browser even more.......

Firefox 3 rocks !!

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How to configure airtel gprs in linux .

The first thing i wanted to do as soon as i installed Debian on my Lap was to configure my nokia 6233 which subscribed to airtel gprs (also known as mobile office) to access internet, because i knew if i couldn't i will slowly but surely return to that old boring Windows Xp. So i was determined to do it and was successful in doing so (thanks to the linux community on orkut) after some tweaks and edits. Here is how i did it >>>>>>>>>

Step 1
Connect your mobile to the Computer via USB or serial Cable.

Step 2
#wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf

Modem configuration will be written to /etc/wvdial.conf. We will slightly change it to suit our need.

Step 3
Now you should edit the file as follows:

#vim /etc/wvdial.conf

Modify the file as follows [For Airtel]:
[Dialer Defaults]
Init1 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","","",0,0
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
ISDN = 0
Modem Type = USB Modem
Username = a
Password = a
Phone = *99#
Stupid Mode = 1

Step 4
Give the following command as root:
When connected, you will see the IP Addresses of your Primary and Secondary DNS servers. Note it down. Disconnect using Ctrl+C.

Step 5
Edit the file /etc/resolv.conf file with your favourite editor and add the IP Addresses you have obtained at the end of the file.

#vim /etc/resolv.conf

Add these 2 lines at the end of the file:
nameserver [IP Address of Primary DNS Server]
nameserver [IP Address of Secondary DNS Server]

Now type the command:
Minimize this terminal & surf with Web browser of your choice like Firefox.
When you see IP addresses of your Primary and Secondary DNS Servers, you are connected to internet. Remember to disconnect using Ctrl+C

Ya thats it, this much steps got me connected to the net through my 6233.........

You might get an error when you use wvdialconf command, if so dont worry. That is because you might not have wvdial installed in your system which comes as a package. I got this same error that is why i can tell you this. So install the wvdial package (i.e by giving "apt-get install wvdial" in the terminal) from the repository( cd/dvd or internet).
All the above tweaks will work only if you are the root in the terminal ( to do this just type "su" or "sudo" in your termonal and give the password)

Let me know if you tried this...............

Source: Linux someone

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Back again.

That is the one question that i should answer first, what kept hisamonomics silent for exactly 31 days ( my last post being on june the sixth). And the one straight answer that comes to my mind instantly is the absence of gprs on my 6233, and because that is restored now i'm well and truly blogging again. Phew !!

And when i'm blogging again i am going to blog about one thing that i should have blogged a lot earlier, i didn't for reasons best unknown to me......... and even though hisamonomics has it "Its better never than late", i'm going to do it because i know that it is not that late after all.

If its going to be told in just a word or two, then it is Swades Solutions. Else read on >>>>>>>>

"This is the story of four people who shared a dream to revolutionize the homeland rather than joining the rat race of IT professionals.Motivated by the stories of great successes in software field, each of the four principals had a desire to start something New.
Studying in the same college and recognizing each others potentials, it became much easier to give birth to Swades Solutions."

And one of the four that is talked about here is the hisam of hisamonomics (for your quick knowledge) and the other 3 being Deepak (chief executive officer) , Abhinav (chief operating officer) Ashwin (chief software architect) and me being known as the cio (chief innovative officer) .

And you guessed right, the above Jangloosky snap is the team behind Swades solutions determined to see their dreams take shape.
From left- Ashwin, Deepak,Hisam and Abhinav.

Recent news links about us

Our Website


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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nishas world of interests

This blogger has got a great writing skill.he blogs about his own interests like celebrity gossip, recipes, baby and health info, tips and tricks, pieces of my personal life and updates about baby, alisha.

so check out Nishas world of interests

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Alluricious Blog

“Alluricious” word means alluring and delicious. the blogger coined the word him because he writes about anything under the sun, like almost all the topics about the facets of life. Life amazes him and it is so intriguing how one could cope up with our ever changing world. The blog is also about various stories from our day to day existence.Just remember that what goes around, comes around.

check out Alluricious Blog .

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Not guru.

If you're a "mom and pop" business person who isn't too familiar with the inner workings of your computer's operating system, then Not Guru is for you. Written from the perspective of "a regular person" and not a marketing guru, the blog features basic PC tips, Internet marketing skills and, for a break from the technical grind, opinions and commentary on social and political issues. Political views are Libertarian;· other viewpoints are welcome in the comments.

check out Not Guru's Tips for Mom and Pop Businesses

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Everything kimchi

Just came across a blog about an exchange student's life in South Korea where he lived a worry-free Year 2007. The author also posts pre-Korea entries, which are still hot and spicy like Kimchi.

The title of the blog reads like this
"Experiences in Korea and Much More: Everything Kimchi "
amd has got the below description
"There are things that, keep as you may, still become a distant ember that even the slightest touch of wind can extinguish. This blog is dedicated to my 10-month stay in Korea, where my memories with my friends I'll always try to remember...."

So dont forget to visit this exchange student blog.

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Came across this cute blog today which called itself Chopsticks-"The one and only chopsticks blogger". Everything cute about this blog from the template to the name of the blogger which i found out to be PuNiao. And this what PuNiao has got to tell about her name
"PuNiao' aka 'Pu Niao', pronounced as 'Poo-Niaow', is all about ME! In my own fantasy world, I'm a perfectionista. But ultimately, I'm just a simple girl."

How cute ?? Talk or describe about my blog. Please do make it positive though. Thanks!!

Sure have a look at this blog.

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Jay's corner

Just came across a blog which contains stuffs right from details about movies to some really interesting career opportunities and some details about cartoons and also gadgets.
The name of this blogger is Jay and had this to say about herself
"I just jot down any detail that i remember or i have come across! I love talking so converting it into writing!"

The main focus of this blogger seems to be movies . Sure have a look at this blog.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Whenever I read a 454 page book in one sitting, it's probably a safe bet for me to think that other people will like the book. Not that my criteria for excellence necessarily matches that of the literary masses -- but the words "breakout thriller" certainly apply here. Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is going to make publishing history. Trust me. There are already tables at the local Barnes & Nobles featuring books about the Freemasons, biographies of Leonardo Da Vinci, guidebooks to the Louvre and Renaissance art, all centered around Brown's book. And the book has been out less than two weeks.

It's good, damn good. The Da Vinci Code has all the right ingredients to create a massive market share of the fiction sold during the next year. The characters are believable, the fictional premise intriguing, and it has two major components to insure sales -- the Knights Templar and the search for the Holy Grail.

To buy THE DA VINCI CODE book for only 200 rupees click here


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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Here is a blog which i found very interesting. He blogs about his personal life mostly. One blog i found touching was the one describing about his son's birthday. This blog is called MeMyselfAndJC which is a pretty interesting name in itself.
The blog is divided into the following interesting categories - 529 college fund,Baby and Child Stuff,Beauty and Fashion,Blog Feast,Blog For $$,Blog HotStuff,Business and Consumer World,Celine Dion,Counter and Stats,Education,Election 2008,Entertainment,favorite things,Foods and drinks,Gerard Butler,health and fitness,Hitman Unrated,Hobby and Interest,introduction,Iron Man,james mcavoy,JC's To Do list,Jonas Brothers,Journey,Kyuhyun,marriage and relationship,Regine Velasquez,rush concert,Shopping,Shoutout,travel,wanted,way of life.

The owner of the blog has managed to cover such a large array of categouries.
So dont forget to have a look at MeMyselfAndJC

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Here is a site which provides you with live updates of Indian stock market. Get market trends, major gainers, major losers and read stock market related articles. Also read on blog reviews and views of news, films and sports.
people can get live update of BSE and NSE. With the help of graphs available people can easily check the daily trends in NSE and BSE, stock prices, major gainers or losers at BSE or NSE. These graphs are automatically updated and provide complete information about where Indian stock market is going. Stock market goes through number of ups and downs on the daily basis; therefore, these graphs can help in watching movements of market.

Also get Live NSE BSE informations.

Sure, have a look at this site. its worth.

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We are the champions!!

Luv YA, ;-).

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Friday, June 06, 2008

A blank head...........

just dont get any thing to blog these days........... a blank head when it comes to blogging........ hmmmmmmmmm so posting sum recent developments......

+ our 8 exams postponed midway (ofcourse it was postponed at the start once) making it a perfect of 8 sems, where each and every uni. sem exam was postponed right from the 1&2 to the 8th. wah.....wah........ kannur university.
I remember my ukg class tests used to take place more punctually. ;-) .

+ as a result of our 8 sem exam postponement, our main project got further delayed ( infact we havent started coding)................

+ earned more dollars (20 to be precise) because of this blog. this time not through smorty. A spares selling website approached me through email after finding this blog through google. grrrrrrrrreat. so total earnings for hisamonomics = 50 $.
And a chance to earn 20 more through payperpost if i post 2 or 3 post in quick succession.
hmmmmmmmm not at all bad monu........

+ found out one of the coolest widgets for my blog......... feedjit
they give you live traffic feed, like from where exactly you get your vistjors........... its there right at the bottom of my sidebar....... see for yourself..... its usefull.
And also got some more widgets like "popular pages today" which gives you the most number of pages visited in your site in a % division. that is cool as well. thats also there in my sidebar..........

+ Just installed Debian etch 4.0 (linux for those unaware)........ in my lap......... and have almost configured my airtel gprs in it with the help of the orkut linux community ( whicoh rocks)........
I'm planning to completely move to linux........... maybe logging to windows to play my fav. FIFA..... but i heard theres also some s/w to do that in Linux........ So maybe bye bye windows in the very near future...........
Infact i was waiting for a response to a question in that orkut linux community when i started posting this....... the response should be ready there..........
Bye....... chweeeeeeeeet dreamzzzzzzzzzzz.......

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One stop for spares.

If you have been searching for a supplier of Vacuum cleaner and Appliance spares, then is the place you have been missing. They are the leading supplier of Vacuum cleaner spares and appliance spares in the U.K.
They are the official dealer of Miele, Dyson, Numatic and other brands and aslo in wide range of Roberts radios, Copper kettles and Time guard products.
The two noticeable of their specialisations are Dyson spares which has a full range of spares for the Dyson vacuum cleaner like Dyson DC01 spares, Dyson DC02 spares and a lot more and the second one being Polti spares which has a good range of Polti spare parts like Vaporetto 2400, Vaporetto Lecoaspila 690 and more.
So drop by this place for sure if you are looking for Vacuum spares.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Palavattam - Coffee @ mg road

This is fun........... nd coooooooooool.

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The World's 10 Most Wanted

Here is an interesting list of the most wanted in the world.......... As expected Bin laden tops the list and our own Dawood finds a place in the top 5. >>>>>>>

Osama Bin Laden tops's first-ever list of the world's 10 most wanted fugitives. The most wanted man in the world is believed to be hiding in Pakistan, perhaps in the Waziristan region. U.S. President George W. Bush has said Bin Laden is wanted dead or alive. But for six years, Bin Laden has been able to evade the largest manhunt in international history by sticking to the unruly tribal areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Others on the list may not be as familiar. Among them: Joaquin Guzman. Mexico's most powerful drug trafficker, Guzman has taken over the narcotics racket once dominated by Colombians like Pablo Escobar. Guzman, known as el Chapo, or shorty, heads the Sinaloa Cartel, specializing in importing cocaine from Colombia, and smuggling it into the U.S., often through elaborate tunnels. Ruthless and determined, Guzman has lorded over a bloody power struggle in Mexico over transport corridors to the U.S. that have left thousands dead.

Others on the list include Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, the face of the modern Russian mob; Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, India's most wanted man, who heads D-Company, an organized crime group based in Mumbai; Félicien Kabuga, arguably the driving force behind the Rwanda genocides; and Matteo Messina Denaro, the Italian mafia's playboy, with a taste for Porches and Rolex watches.

Various law enforcement agencies have their own most wanted lists that usually focus on crimes that took place in their local or national jurisdictions. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list, created in 1950, is the most famous of its kind. But given the current state of globalized crime, an international most wanted list makes more sense now than ever. consulted with law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and around the world to identify these 10. With the exception of Osama Bin Laden, there is little consensus over who should be included on a list that is ultimately subjective in nature. But we tried to come up with basic ground rules.

Everyone on the list has been criminally indicted or charged, some in national jurisdictions and some by international tribunals. They all are accused of a long history of committing serious crimes and are considered a dangerous menace to the world. Each of the members on the list also represent a type of criminal problem that legal institutions are grappling with in diverse jurisdictions.

"What they all have in common is that whether their crimes have occurred principally at the national or international level, their crimes have been so significant that they should be pursued globally," said Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Noble after taking a look at the list. "With regard to the world's most wanted criminals, it is always easy to see the tremendous local impact that their crimes have had."

Indeed, most of the top 10 most wanted fugitives in the world have been criminally indicted in U.S. courts and are wanted by the U.S. government, which has expended serious resources investigating and chasing them. Forbes will periodically review the list to determine whether a replacement is warranted and will scratch off those fugitives who are put out of action.

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Monday, May 26, 2008


i first started hearing this term some 20 years back, it was one common term that i was hearing along with 2 or 3 other terms. I started to hear the term "hisam" sooooooo often that i started to turn my head towards the direction that i heard the voice from, Soon it became a custom for me to do that. I had to turn when i heard "hisam" being called somewhere by someone........ i had to answer somewhere someone when i heard "hisam" being called......... simply because they had named me Mohammed hisamuddin..... and decided to call me "hisam"........ i had to turn.......

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lalu Yadav speaking in English


LaaaaaaaaaLu Rocksssssssss.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Shahrukh- The name of Aamir khan's dog.

I was surprised to read this post in Aamir khan's blog where he calls his dog- "Sharukh" and it is almost very clear that it was intentional. Although Aamir has pretended acting that it wasn't intentional, but the overall tone of the post suggest that Aamir himself wanted it to look like intentional. So what does Aamir has against our SRK??
I took Aamir as a brilliant actor and even a better director(Taare Zameen Par). And this post also shows that he is also good at taking king Khan head to head ( Even Big B failed at this i guess). But dont you think this is an ugly way adopted by a great actor to take on another great actor of contemporary bollywood.
In the meanwhile read the orignal post titled "Settlers Of Panchgani." that appeared on Aamir's blog and created all this fuss>>>>>>


I’m sitting under a tree, on the edge of a valley, approximately 5000 feet above sea level. The river Krishna flows far below us snaking its way among the Sahyadri mountains. A cool breeze is blowing, jannat ki hawa (breeze from the heavens), as my mother calls it. Ammi, Ira and Junaid are by my side and we are in the middle of one of our favourite board games ‘Settlers Of Catan’. Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for?

Now, before you jump to any conclusions let me add that Shahrukh is the name of our dog. And before you jump to any further conclusions let me add that I had nothing to do with naming him. In fact Shahrukh is the dog of the caretakers of our house. When I bought this house it came with the caretakers and their dog! Apparently Shahrukh (the actor) was shooting for a commercial in this house a few years ago, and that very day the caretakers bought a pup…, and named him Shahrukh. What are the chances of me buying a house which comes with a dog called Shahrukh!!!

Some of my friends claim that I bought the house just because of the dog. I would have to be a serious fan of Shahrukh’s to want to do that. Your guess…

All I can say is I’m waiting for him to come over, .

Getting back to Settlers of Catan, it’s a wonderful game. You must try it if you are fond of board games.

All in all I am having a great time with my mom and kids here in my favorite place on earth, Panchgani. I think Kiran and I must have done something good in our life to be blessed with this great place to get away to.

My hamstring muscle seems to be healing, slowly but surely.

Catching up on films, saw Casino Royale last night which I liked.

Incidentally Panchgani is a favorite with para-gliders. Now that’s something I am going to learn as soon as I finish with the Ghajini shoot.

Well Shahrukh is once again begging for my attention, so let me get back to him. He is smelling too much, I think he needs a bath. “Heel boy, heel.”

Wasnt that intentional ?? I'm sure it was.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My favourites.

Here is a list of my favourites in no order what so ever...........

Lets start with my favourite cricketer- Shaun Pollock at the moment, keeps on changing, only within the South African cricket team that is.

+ Internet application- Gmail.

+ Social network- Facebook.

+ Bollywood actress- Katrina kaif at the moment, ya this one also keeps on changing, i dunno why. Love Katrina now and i dunno why again. Maybe for the way she looks, gotchaaaaa?

+ Mobile phone- Apna 6233, ofcourse.

+ IT company- Google, this one doesnt change at all. Always constant untill i come up with my own, ;-).

+ IPL team- Rajasthan royals, ya i've changed this one too, but only once, after all IPL has just started, didnt get time to keep on changing. But for now Rajasthan royals rock and hope they keep on. Else...............

+ Epl team- Arsenal, no i dont change here. See they din win the EPL and i'm still with em. Sincere na??

+ Spanish premier liga team- Real Madrid. Joined here when Zidane was here and din find any reason to leave afer he left. So still here.

+ Bollywood movie- Rangeela.

+ Hollywood movie- Gladiator.

+ Animation movie- Shrek 2.

+ Politician- Lalu Prasad Yaday, He rocks maaaaaaannnnnnnnn.

+ Cricketer (Outside of South Africa) - Monty Panesar, Veeery childish, jus love him for that.

+ footballer- Zidane.

+ Football team- France.

+ Drink- Amul cool.

+ Dish- Umma made Biriyani (Very Yummy) and me made Banana Budgeeee comes a close second.

+ Outfit- Tshirt and denim.

+ Gym exercise- Bisceps curl ( both simultaneously).

+ Hollywood actor- Nicolas cage.

+ Bollywood actor- SRK.

+ Political party- Indian National Congress, i dont change here......... After all i'm not a politician. ;-).

+ Tv show- Mtv Meet Or Delete.

+ Terrorist- Osama Bin Laden(If he really is one)

+ Don- Dawood Ibrahim.

+ Comedian- Inzamamul Haq.

+ Hate figure- George Bush.

+ Great Figure- Kareena kapoor.

+ Location- Bangalore.

+ Teacher- Got one each for school, higher secondary and college...... here they go..
Fathima miss (English) at school, Raghu sir ( Maths) at hss and hmmmmmmmmmm........ at college...... its very difficult to have a favourite here simply because they neva favour you ( i hope they are not reading)...... One Mr. Vineesh (Maths) S3 and S4, he was my clear favourite untill.............

+ Timepass- Gym workouts, Its very difficult to reach there, but once i'm there its all cooooooooooooooooooool.

+ Shampoo- Head and sholuders( why am i tellin you this??)

+ Channel- NDTV 24x7

+ Friend- hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i cant name 1 , there r many......... i jus like to be surrounded by friends.......

+ Cricket Team- Everyone that knows me well also knows well that South African Cricket runs through my blood. I've neva changed this in my whole life and i neva will, simply because you cant change your blood group.

+ College activity- Bunk classes, but there's no adventure in bunkin classes here at college, cos its normal here. Adventure was at its top when i bunked classes at school with my cloooooooose friends, nobody knew we were bunkin classes through a broken window( of course we broke it) and playin cricket at a beautiful Lil playground jus behind a tiny forest which in turn was behind our classroom. Aaaaaaaaaah!! those were the days.............

Ufffffff, I neva thought i will manage such a big list when i started, they just went on coming one after the other and they are still coming
But i'm stopppin for now and may have a part 2 of my favourites.
Having said that i'm not sure about it, because you might have come to know after reading this post that i keep onnnn changing my mind.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Shiftin loyalty and more.............

There's been a lot happening in the recent past and it is almost impossible for me to blog about all those.............
What i can rather do is just have a report card f sorts.......... here they go >>>>>>>>>

+ I've decided to dump B'lore Royal challengers for Rajasthan Royals simply because they are not winning enough to even qualify for the semis, forget winning the IPL. And staying with the Loosers make me feel myself a looser. So Ba-bye B'lore and MUAAAH Rajasthan royals. Moreover i managed a worthy(very) person to support Rajasthan royals.
I jus hope i dont have to shift loyalties again, ;-).

+ Just about time that four years of torture called B-tech( atleast for me ) came to an end. Everyone is busy bloggin about how they are going to miss their college days. Ya ofcourse i'm going to miss tooooo. But if you ask me to describe that four years at Lbs with four exact words, they would be ASSIGNMENT-SERIES-UNIVERSITY-SUPPLE (a recursive loop). As shimple as that!

+ Realising the reality that its high time that i started thinking about my career, which has created a panic of sorts in my mind. Only to be cooled by something inside me (maybe my heart),which said that everything that is going to happen is going to happen because that was meant to happen when that was meant to happen. Confused?? Ya thats exactly what my mind became and that panic thing vanished. Sometimes Confusion is better than Conviction.

+ And as always Dreamin my dream of makin it big one day (wish its sooner rather than later), and frustrated at the same time that its movin like a snail.
Main project work(hard) ahead and really looking forward it to take shape and the reactions that it will get.

Its 3:50 in the morning here in India.

So what??

Mind stuck, seeeeeeeems time to shleeeeeeeeep. bey eby........ I told yuo , tht mind seems stcuk, i cant splel teh wodrs proprely, adn yuo stlil wnat me to kpee on blggoign, tish si nto frai.... cmolpteyl lsot............ grrrrrrrrrrr .

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Love 4m yet nother angle.

Love is beautiful,wonderful and amazing. You feel it is the best feeling in the world untill it happens to your daughter.


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