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Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to make a folder invisible.

I know that you know how to make a folder hidden, bu eva tried to make it invisible, no?? then here goes how..............

First step is to erase the name of ur folder, right click the folder and click rename, clear the old name and then hold the "Alt" key on ur keyboard and type in "255", press enter. See, theres no name for ur folder now (actually thts d ASCII value for 255 ;) ).

Now comes d second step , i.e 2 make ur folder invisible, as simple as the first one, right click d folder, go to properties and select customize, click the change icon button on the bottom, u will c lota icons now browse on untill u find a blank icon, select the icon, click ok and then click apply. Voila, ur folder has gone invisible!!

Now dont blame me if u cant find it (its there in d original position, its jus dat u cant c it ( thts y v call it invisible).

Spekin of invisibility............. heres how u can send an invisible scrap on orkut, just hit "[i]".............. as simple as that.

Please leave a comment if u find this hack useful, u c i dont get much comments here, so it will b nice of u.



Anonymous said...

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