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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smsgyan beta launched.

Finally we have launched our first product's beta version in our college(lbs college of engineering for those unaware) without much fanfare even though the district collector inaugurated it inside a packed house seminar hall with everyone's mouth half open in amazement.
The reason we didn't want a bigger fanfare was just simple and obvious-we were releasing a beta version and not a stable one. So we kept that for the stabler version release.

For those wanting an early peek into the product, just visit
and to know the story behind it go to

And talking about the stable version release, it is most likely to happen on a date which starts with number 1 and ends with the number 3, no more clues, sorry. And the place which will witness the dream come true of four young rare minds addicted to innovations will be ofcourse Technopark .

So hold your breath !!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fear in my eyes........

I have my pads on, and every other thing that was provided to me to face one of the best bowler in the world at a packed house Eden gardens , preferably a south african bowler. Yes i'm selected to the Indian cricket team. And i just confirmed my middle stump guard with the umpire....... and then i saw him running towards me at great speed indicating the greater speed of his delivery that i will be facing in a moment...... i lifted my eyes automatically opened as wide as it could..... probably i was ready........

That is the kind of situation i have myselves in..... even though it is too minute when compared to a selection to the Indian cricket team....... but nevertheless i can see many eyes staring at me with great expectations. Eyes that i dont want to see dissapointed. As a result..... i have got fear inside my eyes..... And i got no regrets, because that increments my motivation keywords list by one (AkA ++ in programming terms)....... with the other keywords being.... dream, passion,addiction, and i'm sure a lot of fun...

PRAY FOR ME BROTHER and ofcourse SISTER'S as well. ;-)

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Monday, October 06, 2008

The innoz forward mail doing the rounds.

One annoying innoz forward mail that you should forward to all your email contacts if you love innoz, for that matter even if you hate innoz , ;-)

We assume you should have already voted for us . But we need more help.
We somehow came to know that you have got a big list of email
contacts. So getting straight into the matter, we want you to forward
this email to all those contacts.

For those wondering what this fuss is all about........ please read on >>>>

Innoz technologies is a student startup (four students from the Lbs
college of engineering,Kasaragod being the founders,and one of the four is a kunilian) based at the
prestigious Technopark TBI center. Innoz have been shortlisted for
TATA NEN Hottest startups contest and the winner is being decided by
public voting.Now this is what you can do if you haven't yet voted
for us

Please sms HOT(space)66 to 56767 from your mobile or vote online at (we advice you to vote from your mobile because that
is a lot more easier than the online option unless you are outside india)

Now if you are looking for reasons or want reasons to ?forward this
mail or to vote for us?, you can try convincing yourselves with one of
the below reasons.......

+ You belong to the same college as the founders.

+ The friend who forwarded this mail belongs to the same college as
the founders and because you love that friend very much you dont want
to ignore him/her.

+ You know one or more of the founders personally and wants to see
him/them successfull.

+ You are sooooooooo fed up of these innoz guys because they are
behind you everywhere asking you to vote for them. Your Email inbox is
full of their mails, your mobile is full of their Sms, you cant walk
peacefully because anytime anywhere(Inside the classroom,outside the
clasroom,canteen etc etc.........) these guys jump upon you begging
for your vote. So you just want to get rid of them by forwarding this
mail so that they come in the top 30 list and hopefully stop bothering
you. And you will have your peacefull days back

+ Who knows if Innoz makes it very big one day, even you might land a
job there.... or atleast in the future your son/daughter might get a
job there because of your one forwarded mail or your one precious
vote. Soooo dont take a chance... ;-)

+ You are very confident of the innoz guys and you are sure that they
will come up with a lot of innovative products that will make your
life more enjoyable and comfortable.

+ You have already lost some time by reading this much, now what do
you loose extra by forwarding this mail to all your friends??

And if you still cant convince yourselves with any of the above
option, noffin to worry......... because some very bad news wont come
searching for you even if you dont forward this mail. But if you do,
we are sure some very good news will soon come your way. :-)

Visit to know more about us.


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Saturday, October 04, 2008


If i remember right, i started to hear that term (hisam) some 20 years back along with some other common terms. I heard that word so commonly that i soon started turning my head when i heard that word. Not before long i realised that they had named me hisam.... and i was supposed to respond when they called me that name. And all these years i have been doing exactly that.

The reason for me to get nostalgic about my own name now is Google. Yes you heard it right. My all time favourite google just returned my blog hisamonomics as the first result(from a pile of 130000 other results) for the search term "hisam". Click hisam to see it.( it might or might not go down later) .

Now,What is the big fuss about it??

No fuss, but if you can see through it.... this post is just another twisted search engine optimistaion(seo) to cement hisamonomics on the top for the search term hisam.

If you still cant see through it....... then just do a HOMERUN(defn:run as fast as you can to your home so that you reach your home as soon as possible).... i jus heard your mammaa calling you loud !! ;-)

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