"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A view of my college from up there /\

Click the snap to enlarge

The TOP VIEW of the LBSCE.
Somehow i cant figure out the canteen, please do that for me. ;-)

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogger captcha that only Google can read.

This is one captcha that i got for publishing a post on blogger, how the hell am i supposed to read this piece of text. I have been subjected to this sort of captcha many a times these days by blogger.

Forget automated programs reading this, even a proper eye sighted human like me cant read this.

My sympathies to those who got a poor eye sight and lives on blogspot.

The only occasion where i hate google in this otherwise smooth and pretty long love affair.

Time for a rethink on your captcha styling, Google folks !!. :)

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Google Champions league .

Ever heard of the title, no way !!..... cos i just coined that. It is supposed to be a game that i will be playing with the help of my ever favourite google.
Here's the funda : I search for different similar search terms on Google and compare the total search results for a particular term with the other similar terms, and the search term with the largest number of results emerge as the champion of that particular league. If u still havent got me, then stare down \/

Politician Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 manmohan singh 1,960,000

2 sonia gandhi 936,000

3 lk advani 840,000

4 lalu prasad yadav 196,000

Manmohan singh winning that comfortably by over 1 crore votes........ i mean results ;-).

Now i hope you got what the game is all about (for those who hadnt got it earlier).

Bollywood heroes Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 shahrukh khan 2,360,000

2 aamir khan 1,700,000

3 hrithik roshan 1,520,000

4 akshay kumar 1,410,000

IT company Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 google 2,490,000,000

2 microsoft 806,000,000

3 ibm 251,000,000

4 mozilla 121,000,000

Google hands down !! The margin of victory is over 1500 crores over its nearest rival microsoft.
(note: google has no influence over this champions league even if i'm using their search engine, LOL ;-) )

Body Building Champions league:

standings Term No. of results on google

1 six pack abs 1,140,000

2 bisceps 4,060

3 trisceps 368

Uffffffff, see i have always rooted for six pack abs and here i have got an able supporter in google. If you feel like having one....... then here is an hisamonomics way to get it HOW TO GET SIX PACK ABS WORKOUT ROUTINE.

Now lets have some one to one

love-2,180,000,000 > friendship-106,000,000
hmmmmmmmmm, no comments. ;-)

girls-634,000,000 > boys-418,000,000
hmmmmmmm,, i din like that.

doctor-343,000,000 > engineer-170,000,000
Thats not fair google, after all we built you.

george bush-41,500,000 > bin laden-23,700,000
Surprise,surprise !!

desktop-405,000,000 > laptop-251,000,000

bipasha basu-1,340,000 > mallika sherawat - 1,120,000
Was jus eager to know google's opinion, noffin else. ;-)

The da vinci code-6,600,000 > The alchemist-1,670,000
The margin would have been less but for the "the da vinci code " movie.

iit-7,480,000 > iim-5,260,000

work-2,060,000,000 > sleep-279,000,000
hmmmmmmmmm, i thought otherwise, thats why i compared.

no-7,640,000,000 > yes-1,020,000,000
girlish !! ;-)

stop-854,000,000 > nonstop-21,100,000
Google has asked me to stop for now.

I may have a part 2 of this, so lemme know of any new interesting one to one's or categories that you have in your mind through the comments link below. will you \/ wont you ??

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to make your folder truly and only your's .

Here is a trick which makes your folder almost impossible for others to acces without the help of any software.

The first thing you should do is make the folder hidden,
The next step is to make your folder invisible which you can learn from one of my previous posts How to make a folder invisible.

Then make sure that your hidden folders are not shown, i.e select the options "do not show hidden folders" from the tools>folder>view .
Do the above step only after you have followed the first two steps.

Now your folder is almost inaccessible (apart from you that is).

Now the main trick here is that for you to access the folder you dont have to reverse this process.
Lets say that your folder is in iama/bolan and assuming you have erased the name and made it invisible by using "alt-255" trick which means the name of your folder is a single "alt+255" press on your keyboard ( if you used only one"alt+255").
If this is your case then you can directly get inside your folder by just entering the path on the address bar.......... i.e if you do a "iama/bolan/("alt+255")" on your address bar you are vrooooooooooooooooooomed right into your folder (even with that folder hidden and invisible).

To make your folder more secure use multiple "alt+255" as your folder name.
Thatsh it!!
Have a try and prove that your "iama/bolan/ " path is very true even if no one's noticing it, ;-).

note:Works only on windows.

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