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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Opensuse 10.3,mplayer,gcc,Wine..........

Opensuse 10.3,mplayer,gcc,Wine..........

The four words that has dominated my desktop for the past week. It all started with my longing for yet another stint with a linux O.S for my desktop. I actually started with that Kubuntu 8.04 hardy kde4 which i heard was cooool, and i found out soon when i installed it, it looked cool (kde 4), everything seemed fine...... wvdial configured for airtel made me feel at home.....

The start of problems however was when i rebooted for the first time, to my surprise........i found no windows boot option in GRUB which was not cool at all....... found out later that it is one of the most reported bugs on HARDY........ i guess that is a tit for tat....... aka windows style...... Apun ke Ilake mein koin doosra O.S nahi chalegaaaaaa.........

That was only the tip, i found out my Taskbar for kubuntu 8.04 missing or rather vanished which looked soooo good last time i logged ( that was also the first time)....... i just couldn't take that and pulled out an Opensuse 10.3 installation cd and started the process...... hoping that my Windows boot will be restored and started looking for reasons to believe that Opensuse 10.3 was actually better than Kubuntu, and also was convinced sooon that it was better. looked and felt better even though it was kde 3.5. Also had firefox preinstalled, not so in the case of Kubuntu.

the next thing i got hooked to was adding a repo.... couldn't do that....... the reason was that i tried;
apt-cdrom add
which i found out soon wont work on opensuse because it had Yum instead of apt and also soon found out that i didn't have Yum installed on my system...... hope started fading here too...... So copied the whole repo into the /home/hisam directory and tried to compile the source files from there...... one at a time....... started with my favourite mplayer...... which lead to another discovery...... that i didnt have the gcc compiler which obviously was required to compile source files....... kept a download for a 23 mb gcc...........src.rpm file through my very slow but very kind airtel gprs........ gave a "shutdown -r 120"...... and then i dozed....... found out in the morning that the down was a Thumbs up....... tried to install it;

rpm -hiv gcc.......src.rpm

then got a spec file at /usr/src/packages/SPECS

rpmbuild -ba gcc33.spec

which lead to the below failure.....

error: Failed build dependencies:
flex is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586
bison is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586
gettext-devel is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586
zlib-devel is needed by gcc33-3.3.3-42.1.i586

That meant i had to install flex,biso,gettext-devel,zlib-devel first inorder to install gcc which in turn was required to compile any source files...... Kismat Konnection i guess.
And i was also told that to install flex,biso,gettext-devel,zlib-devel i may require other dependent files....... How cool na ??

And in the meanwhile i found out that my Windows boot was not restored.....


But one certain upside to all this is my stumbling upon Wine, na not that wine, this one is a software for linux which can run windows Api applications, like .exe files right from your linux distro. I stumbled on this when i did an rpm search for flex,bison......... I downed that rpm..... and thank god i was not asked for any other dependent files to install wine, Yast did it Windows style for me........

And soon had my Firefox 3,picasa and media player classic running on my linux O.S....... that was treat for my eyes......

So i have decided that i will be repairing using an xp cd which will bring the Windows back, and then againg doing a tweak with Opensuse installation cd..... to get back both in tandem. That will work i guess.

The only consolation that i have is Wine, the cool Linux software that is. ;-)

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Monday, July 21, 2008

The class photo.

( click the snap to enlarge)

Maybe this will be my one stop reference point to bring back all those LBS memories........ Good and bad for years and years to come.
I say this because friends are the one's who made those memories special and in this snap i can see all those faces who saw me at the class door at 10 minutes past the 2nd hour, wondering when will he finally make it on time (they kept on wondering..........) and smiling at the silly excuses i had to give to the teacher, which started right from the 2nd day of 1&2 and continued till the last day of the 8th semester. For those wondering what happened on the first day of 1&2, i would like to remind them i made it on time that day. ;-) Seriously......... i made it.

And i take this chance to thank each and everyone of em for all the smiles that they managed for my foolishness, for all those answers they managed to show me in the exam hall, for all the help for those lab printouts, for all the proxies they called for me,for all the fun that we had on our tour, for all those treats that they managed to give me (really appreciated), and....and for all those small and big memories that i probably will carry with me when i move on........ cos "Memories are forever".

And above all for playing a role in my journey called life and helping me realize a better part of ME.


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Payperpost works.

My blog kept on getting rejected at Payperpost simply because i did not have ten post in the previous thirty days and i kept on resubmitting it. Now it has finally got approved, ya you guessed right i have got ten posts in the last 20 days or so.

What i love about payperpost is the whole system of their's. You need to get your blog approved first ( for that you need to have ten posts in the last 30 days as i have already mentioned) and once it gets approved you can see your qualified opportunities on the "open opportunities" link. Payperpost also provides its users with other ways of earning like "Review my post" and "PPP direct", which are just so cool and useful.

I first heard of payperpost through one of my friends who is also an avid blogger and signed up to earn some dollars through my blog.

What is so cool about payperpost is that you dont need to have a blog with a pagerank, the only thing you need to have is a blog and atleast ten valid posts in the last 30 days. This is very helpful for the bloggers who blog good content regularl, but do not have a pagerank for themselves.
This makes payperpost different from other blog advertising services which mainly insist on a pagerank of atleast one to get the blog approved. But its an added advantage at payperpost if you have a pageranked blog because you will get more opportunities and at the same time not necessary to have one to get started.

So if you want to make money then payperpost is the thing you are missing.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Swades solutions is now innoz technologies.
we will soon move to our new domain from the previous

and our new punch line reads thus....


a rare breed of young minds addicted to innovations.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lbs and you........

As i just completed my official Lbs days.... i stumbled upon one truly awesome post by an LBSian almost 10 years senior to me, but the post holds true to every LBSian's experiences of those four years at the Rockgarden..........

Read on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"Well into the eighth year after graduation and a few grey hair above my forehead (not to mention the ones behind my ear), I have realized that it is too ambitious to hope that the ghosts (spelled fairies!) of your past will leave you. I believe the four years of “myLBS” has sown enough to last for the next eight years and most likely the rest of my life. My observations range from gatherings with an LBS lineage and otherwise, I’ve been surprised and quite often confused at the consistency with which any of these meetings fail to end without a mention of it. And if you have a larger gathering of the former kind, all sorts of ghosts come back haunting.

You land up at your friend’s place and the four of you huddle around a bottle of single malt, the discussions and memories apparently shoot back to the Meghraj days (the only bar in ksd then) when the same eternally cash starved friends used to sink bottles of AJ rum (Rs twenty a quarter), mind you, without water or soda (the secret is to block your nose when you pour the liquid down)!.....when you pull out a couple of hundred rupee notes for the ticket to that mal movie in PVR, you glance back and smile at your friend standing next to you who is also thinking of queing up in the sun at Roopesh, Mehboob, (I am painfully refraining from mentioning “Kanyaka”) with a ten rupee note lining your pocket ….When you pull out a hundred bucks for a pack of “Goldflake Kings” and wait for the change, in the back of your mind you are solving, “how much do I still owe Hameecha for all the beedis I have borrowed and left without a trace?”….You are rushing into a meeting when you are suddenly consumed by this urge to call your ol’ pal whom you are still in touch with and remind him of the party meeting just about to start in room # 203, first floor, men’s hostel “dei, oru kettu beediyum edutho, just in case”…and you don’t need no occasion to remember the story of your good friend who is seeing the computer lab for the first time for his university exam, typing in “Pleasecome-onC” to open the Borland editor!...and for a very few lucky fellas who are getting married know they will have an explanation to make about the memento sitting pretty in their living room – the best “couple” in college – indeed a sinking feeling…driving a spanking new car out of your parking to your grocery store just a turn away, you think of the umpteenth time you have walked back thirteen kms to your hostel after the late-night film!....

In internet terminology “LBSCE” is among the top 5 “keywords” of our lives, and in google terminology, it has gathered a pretty impressive “page rank”!

In the end I have given up, I tried but there is no way I am getting over the intoxicating four years of my life. But can I pass it on?
For current students: Traditionally at LBS, there has been more to life being in the back benches that the front ones and more to life being outside the buildings than the back benches!
For the alumni: As you read this, in your current capacity, what is it that can make you a great ambassador? And what is it that the college can gain from it?
Institute a cash award for the top 3 academic projects done inhouse? Sponsor a domain and hosting the college website? Help students spin projects around it? personally conduct sessions on tech trends, industry trends, job opportunities within and outside IT? Arent building impressive resumes, presentation skills, communication skills etc trainable and key to a graduate’s prospects? Help students network, reach out and present to the HRs of different companies that we work for? Or even more ambitiously, help find funding and market the ideas to be taken beyond the campus? Arent a lot of us making money from the internet doing a lot of unconventional things? and so on ...

Take a little time to pool in your ideas…and of course your memories :)


This is where the post orignally lies.........

hisam loves

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The inscrutable americans review

This is a hilarious novel written in the viewpoint of an Indian in the foreign soil relating the difficulties he face in understanding the language,culture and mostly the "do's and dont's" he couldnt approve. This book also describes the ease with which any person would end up adapting the "so-called " American culture.

This book features an Indian who vith the atmost desire to do his higher studies in improving the quality of oil, lands up in America.Like any normal Indian, he too compares foreign facts to Indian cultures and holds himself tight apart from the turn overs of life.He manages himself to stay green(veg) for a vhile but, unknowingly had to give it away.He even had problems adjusting to his foreign blooded room-mate. Surprisingly the relation had to be rewritten as missing life vithout the masties of his dude.He was adored by a woman next door -bit of news difficult for him to digest.Instead he tried himself to luv a girl living opposite,but too late she was already meant for someone else."CRACK" he walked around as if dumb hither and thither.

The book concludes vith his bidding a heart-hurted gudbye to his loved ones.He vithin a short span succeeded vinning hearts and somevere deep thought of staying back.It gives the readers a hilarious realisation of the facts for vich Americans are not to blame.

To buy this book for only 92 rupees click here

Reviewed by Sona for hisamonomics.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Firefox 3 - so far sooooooooooooooo good.

Just installed the firefox 3 and my love for firefox has just crossed more limits. Here i'm describing what i have instantly found new and improved in the 3 odd hours of my experience....

+ The foremost and the most noteable thing is the tremendous improvement in the bookmarking. I would like to call it the ITUNESisation of the bookmarks. The "Organize bookmarks" is now available as a Library....... ditto itunes, where in addition to your bookmarks you have the whole history of your websites visits also saved automatically. You can now sort your bookmarks and history by the number of visit counts to that particular website......... it can be compared to the play count in itunes.
More feature added to the bookmarking are........
- the keyword facility for each address
- you can now save your bookmark searches into dynamic folders that keeps updating.
- you can now TAG your bookmarks.

+ The other notable one is the improvement in the download manager with the additional option of pausing and resuming downloads which i have been missing all the while. Thank you ff3.

+Instant Web Site ID- Want to be extra sure about a site’s legitimacy before you make a purchase? Click on a site favicon for an instant identity overview. Another click digs deeper: how many times have you visited? Are your passwords saved? Check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries and make sure a site is what it claims to be.

+Anti Phishing-Shop and do business safely on the Internet. Firefox gets a fresh update of web forgery sites 48 times in a day, so if you try to visit a fraudulent site that’s pretending to be a site you trust (like your bank), a browser message—big as life—will stop you.

+ And from my very early experience........ i feel that the speed has improved.... yes it has.

I'm sure as i go on romancing ff3, i'm goin to love this one damn good browser even more.......

Firefox 3 rocks !!

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How to configure airtel gprs in linux .

The first thing i wanted to do as soon as i installed Debian on my Lap was to configure my nokia 6233 which subscribed to airtel gprs (also known as mobile office) to access internet, because i knew if i couldn't i will slowly but surely return to that old boring Windows Xp. So i was determined to do it and was successful in doing so (thanks to the linux community on orkut) after some tweaks and edits. Here is how i did it >>>>>>>>>

Step 1
Connect your mobile to the Computer via USB or serial Cable.

Step 2
#wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf

Modem configuration will be written to /etc/wvdial.conf. We will slightly change it to suit our need.

Step 3
Now you should edit the file as follows:

#vim /etc/wvdial.conf

Modify the file as follows [For Airtel]:
[Dialer Defaults]
Init1 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","","",0,0
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
ISDN = 0
Modem Type = USB Modem
Username = a
Password = a
Phone = *99#
Stupid Mode = 1

Step 4
Give the following command as root:
When connected, you will see the IP Addresses of your Primary and Secondary DNS servers. Note it down. Disconnect using Ctrl+C.

Step 5
Edit the file /etc/resolv.conf file with your favourite editor and add the IP Addresses you have obtained at the end of the file.

#vim /etc/resolv.conf

Add these 2 lines at the end of the file:
nameserver [IP Address of Primary DNS Server]
nameserver [IP Address of Secondary DNS Server]

Now type the command:
Minimize this terminal & surf with Web browser of your choice like Firefox.
When you see IP addresses of your Primary and Secondary DNS Servers, you are connected to internet. Remember to disconnect using Ctrl+C

Ya thats it, this much steps got me connected to the net through my 6233.........

You might get an error when you use wvdialconf command, if so dont worry. That is because you might not have wvdial installed in your system which comes as a package. I got this same error that is why i can tell you this. So install the wvdial package (i.e by giving "apt-get install wvdial" in the terminal) from the repository( cd/dvd or internet).
All the above tweaks will work only if you are the root in the terminal ( to do this just type "su" or "sudo" in your termonal and give the password)

Let me know if you tried this...............

Source: Linux someone

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Back again.

That is the one question that i should answer first, what kept hisamonomics silent for exactly 31 days ( my last post being on june the sixth). And the one straight answer that comes to my mind instantly is the absence of gprs on my 6233, and because that is restored now i'm well and truly blogging again. Phew !!

And when i'm blogging again i am going to blog about one thing that i should have blogged a lot earlier, i didn't for reasons best unknown to me......... and even though hisamonomics has it "Its better never than late", i'm going to do it because i know that it is not that late after all.

If its going to be told in just a word or two, then it is Swades Solutions. Else read on >>>>>>>>

"This is the story of four people who shared a dream to revolutionize the homeland rather than joining the rat race of IT professionals.Motivated by the stories of great successes in software field, each of the four principals had a desire to start something New.
Studying in the same college and recognizing each others potentials, it became much easier to give birth to Swades Solutions."

And one of the four that is talked about here is the hisam of hisamonomics (for your quick knowledge) and the other 3 being Deepak (chief executive officer) , Abhinav (chief operating officer) Ashwin (chief software architect) and me being known as the cio (chief innovative officer) .

And you guessed right, the above Jangloosky snap is the team behind Swades solutions determined to see their dreams take shape.
From left- Ashwin, Deepak,Hisam and Abhinav.

Recent news links about us

Our Website


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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nishas world of interests

This blogger has got a great writing skill.he blogs about his own interests like celebrity gossip, recipes, baby and health info, tips and tricks, pieces of my personal life and updates about baby, alisha.

so check out Nishas world of interests

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Alluricious Blog

“Alluricious” word means alluring and delicious. the blogger coined the word him because he writes about anything under the sun, like almost all the topics about the facets of life. Life amazes him and it is so intriguing how one could cope up with our ever changing world. The blog is also about various stories from our day to day existence.Just remember that what goes around, comes around.

check out Alluricious Blog .

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Not guru.

If you're a "mom and pop" business person who isn't too familiar with the inner workings of your computer's operating system, then Not Guru is for you. Written from the perspective of "a regular person" and not a marketing guru, the blog features basic PC tips, Internet marketing skills and, for a break from the technical grind, opinions and commentary on social and political issues. Political views are Libertarian;· other viewpoints are welcome in the comments.

check out Not Guru's Tips for Mom and Pop Businesses

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Everything kimchi

Just came across a blog about an exchange student's life in South Korea where he lived a worry-free Year 2007. The author also posts pre-Korea entries, which are still hot and spicy like Kimchi.

The title of the blog reads like this
"Experiences in Korea and Much More: Everything Kimchi "
amd has got the below description
"There are things that, keep as you may, still become a distant ember that even the slightest touch of wind can extinguish. This blog is dedicated to my 10-month stay in Korea, where my memories with my friends I'll always try to remember...."

So dont forget to visit this exchange student blog.

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Came across this cute blog today which called itself Chopsticks-"The one and only chopsticks blogger". Everything cute about this blog from the template to the name of the blogger which i found out to be PuNiao. And this what PuNiao has got to tell about her name
"PuNiao' aka 'Pu Niao', pronounced as 'Poo-Niaow', is all about ME! In my own fantasy world, I'm a perfectionista. But ultimately, I'm just a simple girl."

How cute ?? Talk or describe about my blog. Please do make it positive though. Thanks!!

Sure have a look at this blog.

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Jay's corner

Just came across a blog which contains stuffs right from details about movies to some really interesting career opportunities and some details about cartoons and also gadgets.
The name of this blogger is Jay and had this to say about herself
"I just jot down any detail that i remember or i have come across! I love talking so converting it into writing!"

The main focus of this blogger seems to be movies . Sure have a look at this blog.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Whenever I read a 454 page book in one sitting, it's probably a safe bet for me to think that other people will like the book. Not that my criteria for excellence necessarily matches that of the literary masses -- but the words "breakout thriller" certainly apply here. Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is going to make publishing history. Trust me. There are already tables at the local Barnes & Nobles featuring books about the Freemasons, biographies of Leonardo Da Vinci, guidebooks to the Louvre and Renaissance art, all centered around Brown's book. And the book has been out less than two weeks.

It's good, damn good. The Da Vinci Code has all the right ingredients to create a massive market share of the fiction sold during the next year. The characters are believable, the fictional premise intriguing, and it has two major components to insure sales -- the Knights Templar and the search for the Holy Grail.

To buy THE DA VINCI CODE book for only 200 rupees click here


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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Here is a blog which i found very interesting. He blogs about his personal life mostly. One blog i found touching was the one describing about his son's birthday. This blog is called MeMyselfAndJC which is a pretty interesting name in itself.
The blog is divided into the following interesting categories - 529 college fund,Baby and Child Stuff,Beauty and Fashion,Blog Feast,Blog For $$,Blog HotStuff,Business and Consumer World,Celine Dion,Counter and Stats,Education,Election 2008,Entertainment,favorite things,Foods and drinks,Gerard Butler,health and fitness,Hitman Unrated,Hobby and Interest,introduction,Iron Man,james mcavoy,JC's To Do list,Jonas Brothers,Journey,Kyuhyun,marriage and relationship,Regine Velasquez,rush concert,Shopping,Shoutout,travel,wanted,way of life.

The owner of the blog has managed to cover such a large array of categouries.
So dont forget to have a look at MeMyselfAndJC

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Here is a site which provides you with live updates of Indian stock market. Get market trends, major gainers, major losers and read stock market related articles. Also read on blog reviews and views of news, films and sports.
people can get live update of BSE and NSE. With the help of graphs available people can easily check the daily trends in NSE and BSE, stock prices, major gainers or losers at BSE or NSE. These graphs are automatically updated and provide complete information about where Indian stock market is going. Stock market goes through number of ups and downs on the daily basis; therefore, these graphs can help in watching movements of market.

Also get Live NSE BSE informations.

Sure, have a look at this site. its worth.

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We are the champions!!

Luv YA, ;-).

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