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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The inscrutable americans review

This is a hilarious novel written in the viewpoint of an Indian in the foreign soil relating the difficulties he face in understanding the language,culture and mostly the "do's and dont's" he couldnt approve. This book also describes the ease with which any person would end up adapting the "so-called " American culture.

This book features an Indian who vith the atmost desire to do his higher studies in improving the quality of oil, lands up in America.Like any normal Indian, he too compares foreign facts to Indian cultures and holds himself tight apart from the turn overs of life.He manages himself to stay green(veg) for a vhile but, unknowingly had to give it away.He even had problems adjusting to his foreign blooded room-mate. Surprisingly the relation had to be rewritten as missing life vithout the masties of his dude.He was adored by a woman next door -bit of news difficult for him to digest.Instead he tried himself to luv a girl living opposite,but too late she was already meant for someone else."CRACK" he walked around as if dumb hither and thither.

The book concludes vith his bidding a heart-hurted gudbye to his loved ones.He vithin a short span succeeded vinning hearts and somevere deep thought of staying back.It gives the readers a hilarious realisation of the facts for vich Americans are not to blame.

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Reviewed by Sona for hisamonomics.