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Monday, July 21, 2008

The class photo.

( click the snap to enlarge)

Maybe this will be my one stop reference point to bring back all those LBS memories........ Good and bad for years and years to come.
I say this because friends are the one's who made those memories special and in this snap i can see all those faces who saw me at the class door at 10 minutes past the 2nd hour, wondering when will he finally make it on time (they kept on wondering..........) and smiling at the silly excuses i had to give to the teacher, which started right from the 2nd day of 1&2 and continued till the last day of the 8th semester. For those wondering what happened on the first day of 1&2, i would like to remind them i made it on time that day. ;-) Seriously......... i made it.

And i take this chance to thank each and everyone of em for all the smiles that they managed for my foolishness, for all those answers they managed to show me in the exam hall, for all the help for those lab printouts, for all the proxies they called for me,for all the fun that we had on our tour, for all those treats that they managed to give me (really appreciated), and....and for all those small and big memories that i probably will carry with me when i move on........ cos "Memories are forever".

And above all for playing a role in my journey called life and helping me realize a better part of ME.



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" like a SaintGobain Glass "