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Friday, July 13, 2007

Intereseting piece.

I found this interesting piece of story, rather real life story at, really interesting 1...

A 14-year-old Dalit boy, born and brought up in a remote village of western Uttar Pradesh, has suddenly turned angrez . Rajesh, without any evident help, has started speaking fluently in English and does so with a proper American drawl. And that’s not all: He seems to have forgotten how to speak Hindi.

Wonders do not cease with this: His knowledge of physics and mathematics has left engineering students baffled. Having already penned three books, Rajesh is now looking forward to some research work.

All of this may sound like a Bollywood script on one of its favourite themes, reincarnation. However, Rajesh, a resident of a nondescript village 40 km from Saharanpur, refuses to call it so.

In his words: "There is no concept of reincarnation. It is just that memory can’t be destroyed till there are sound waves in the world."

And this is the area of science that interests Rajesh the most. "He has already written three documents, one on memory, the other on sociology and the third on liberalisation," said an excited Shishu Pal Singh Verma, principal of Willian Jefferson Clinton Science and Technology Centre, where Rajesh was enrolled last year.

"I did not take him seriously for a few months but on Republic Day, while the students were reciting poetry before the entire college, Rajesh took the mike and addressed the gathering in fluent English. This left us almost shell-shocked," says Shishu Pal.

Rajesh’s mother Omkali and 16-year-old brother Kaluwa are daily wage labourers who earn just enough to manage two square meals a day. His father Sompal is mentally-challenged. Asked how and when these changes came into Rajesh, Omkali said that it happened almost a year ago when Rajesh was helping Kaluwa erect a wall.

"Every time the brothers brought the wall up to two feet, their father would smash it. Irritated, Rajesh threw a brick at him who was hit in the head and began to bleed.”

This left Rajesh dumbfounded. "For the next three months, he did not utter a single word. When he did, it was not in Hindi," said Jamal, a resident of Saharanpur.

howzzat 4 a real incident.
Heres d original link >>

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Airtel gprs= time+patience & 0upload.

I'm bdrowsing the net wit an airtel gprs (officially "Mobile office")
these days shiftin 4m d old dial up. Although it shows a speed of arnd
115 kbps, it actually delvs arnd 1/4th of that speed. U get a dwnld
speed of arnd 5 kbps(avg), which is quite gud considerin tht d Airtel
folks hvnt kept any time limit or dwnld limit. You can go on dwnldin
24 hrs a day. But believe me d upld speed is right next 2 NULL. It
sucks big time. Airtel gprs is 4 those flks out der whos got enuf
time 4 surfin(say 4hrs a day @ d least) d net & who got enuf
creativity, so tht he cud think of findin a solution 2 control his
frnds ever increasin weight while u wait 4 a page 2 load after clickin
a link(not always). And hey u better start lovin those "Page cannot
............" Common! It is not tht bad after all. D only thin u need
is time(loads of) and a bit of patience. But, but & after anthr but
if u r an upload freak, NEVA EVA TRY AIRTEL GPRS.


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Monday, July 02, 2007

Midnight bloggin.

I'm on my bed wit d display light of my 6233 scorching my face when i
suddenly realize tht i'm not jus textin anthr sms 2 jus anthr frnd @
hlf past 2 in d night. I was bloggin from my mob 4 d first
time, thts y u c a lotta sms lingo around and u'l also probably get 2
c an email signature @ d end of dis post. U jus need 2 send an email
2 2 get started. Hope ths tool makes me a regular b
logger. Enuf, i bttr sleep b4 its 3. So b4 ths email breeze 4m d
gmail server 2 d blogger sibling, I'm dozing! Shabba khair!


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