"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crazy secrets.

There is this application called "Post Secrets" on Facebook where users are allowed to post their secrets keeping their identity under cover, which obviously results in interesting secrets that one might have neva told otherwise.

This is how "Post Secrets" defines itself-->"Post Secret allows you to reveal your darkest secret to millions of other facebook users. Each secret can be a hope, regret, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, confession, or childhood humiliation."

Hmmmmmmm, Ok. Now here are some random secrets which i found intereseting the last time i peeped into "Post Secrets"--------->>>>>>>

"I have just eaten my pet hamster. He just looked so delicious, all plump n juicy.... I skinned him and fried him in the deep fat fryer. He was delicious... But now I miss him... Why did I eat my little buddy? WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I dont understand love. Its so confusing. I know my girlfriend loves me but I have no clue why. Shes so amazing, she can get so much better then me. But its been 7 months since we started going out, and i've never been happier. Ever since the day i met her i knew there was something about her, and i fell in love with her. I love her so much and i want to be with her forever."

"why do people believe in "the secret" the damn universe DOES NOT create our destiny. we do. if you want something to happen bad enough you'll do whatever it takes. the universe doesn't just say hey ya lets do it. no it doesn't work like that. so stop telling me that if i truely believe in the universe i'll be rewarded because it's all bullshit. never once has the "universe" done anything for me, i do it all on my own.....fucking "secret" "



"I'm fat because I eat. I eat because I'm alone. I'm alone because I'm fat."

"i like this guy... but don't know if he likes me... and... i have a boyfriend."

"i am so affriad of being hurt that i lied to protect myself cuz i saw something good in a guy and now i am sorry to say that my lie made my heart breake, but i guess thats what i get for not dating but seeing another guy only 3 weeks after i broke up with my babys dad after 2 years"

"he told me i was special.. obviously not special enough to leave his uglyass girlfriend."

"the longest relationship i've ever had was for about two months this past spring. the only reason it lasted was because i kept forgetting to dump him."

"i am so pissed off at my friend right now, i love her to death, but i wish she would see shit through my eyes and relieze that she isnt the best thing in this fucking world, and that there are people that are hurt by the acts she pulls, i love you to death though"

"One second I'm madly in love with him - the next I just want to get far, far away and never have to deal with him again. But I'm learning to ignore the second part!"

"i have a girlfriend. i'm a girl."

"i wish i had personal nuclear bombs to launch at those who spoil Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!!"

"I am in love with a guy from Minneota and that said thing is that I am married!!!"

"I collects books to look and feel smart...I don't actually read them, I look up the summsries on Wikipedia"

"I was never deployed to Iraq...the closest I came was Kuwait for 3 months. I want people to be interested in me, so I lie when they ask."

"I am totally, completely, and utterly in love with Edward Cullen. I don't even care that he's fictional; I want him for myself!"

"im 5'11, 160lbs and i don't think im fat.. why do people that weigh like 90 or 100 or 140 think they are fat? fuck its so annoying!"

"If I new "broken hearts" hurt this bad, I never would have got involved in the first place.."

"I just realized how much I hurt my best friend. I was so mean and selfish to her. She tried to help me and instead of showing my appreciation, I just blamed her and demanded more. And then even after she ended our friendship, I spread nasty rumors about her. It's no wonder she refuses to talk to me now. I wish I realized what a bitch I was sooner because she was the greatest friend I ever had. If I had the chance I would tell her how sorry I am and that I would do anything to have our friendship back. I know I don't deserve her friendship (I don't deserve any friends at all) but I would really like someone as kind and supportive as her back in my life."

"is it wrong to hav an affair with 2 guys at the same time? guys do it all the time!! so who said women cant??!?!"

"Why are the college kids telling the high school kids to get off Facebook? Why are the highschool kids telling the middle school kids to get off Facebook? Why are middle school kids telling the younger kids to get off Facebook? The only people not telling people to get off Facebook are people like myself that have finished college along time ago. This is a open Network open to everyone, sure it was made by a college student, but its open to everyone. So everyone just needs to shut the fuck up."

----------->>>>>Well, how crazy secrets can get. If u find any of them disgusting, Same pinch!! No back pinch.
I have gone through far more disgusting secrets which i've not posted here for reasons best known by me!! Reputation,u know!!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Well-well-Well. Every1 s goin crazy over 6 pack abs after SRK did it in OSO.Now,here is a workout routine u can try at home.

Wishing u atleast a 4 pack if not 6.

Warning:I'm not to blame for ne consequences(-ve that is ;) ), Even i'm goin for 1.

Advice:Girls keep away.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

My dream......... Googleplex............

Destination Googleplex--Every programmer's dream.
So is mine!!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Moments to cherish.

(click the pic. to enlarge it)

As i begin the countdown to the Lbs days, these are some of the memories that will stay with me forever.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Five killer Apps. i cant do without.......

#1 Firefox

#2 iTunes

#3 Picasa

#4 Audacity

#5 Media player classic

While most f u must be familiar with other apps. Audacity is a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. I rip apart d favourite part of ne Mp3 to use it as my ringtone. Also got conversion functions. Rockzzzzzzzzzz.

To reach the download page for each f d above apps. click on d respective app. pic.

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