"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Registered a domain for myself finally after booking it for "how many times" i dunno. Though i have put up something there at, i'm not completely happy with that template,got that from (open source coming to my rescue again). Will hang on to that template untill i get a better one.
And because of my twitter obsession these days i just dont have the patience to type more than 140 characters at a time.... and this post is a mega serial in that sense.

Those who miss a more regular hisamonomics these days its because i'm regularly hisaming these days... follow me on twitter at @hisaming (warning: dangerously addictive).

Leaving you with a #quote (sorry for that # tag, twitter after effects you see) that i coined after i was sooooo thankfull to every thing open source. It goes like this >>> "Open source is like charity, the difference being that even the rich can make use of it". B-)

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Monday, March 02, 2009

nOt ThAt!

Its been soooo many many days since i last blogged... may be the biggest break since the hisamonomics bug caught me.
Its not that i lost interest in blogging or rather hisamonomics all of a sudden.... not that i was busy wit far more important things(also not that i was not busy with far more important things).... not that noffin interestin was happenin in my life for me to blog... not that i felt nobody was visiting hisamonomics (infact theres been a more than good increase in visitors)..... not that i suddenly started to feel blogging was a child's game ( also not that i suddenly started to feel i'm not a child nemore (and also not that i previously thought i was a child )).....

I JUS DIN FEEL LIKE BLOGGING... Nothin more...nothin less!

stoppin 4 now!..NOT THAT i've run out of more NOT THATs...

a sleepy psycho hisam aka hisamonomics doin a blah ... blah... blah..... NOT THAT i din have nethin else to blog about! LoL! ;-)

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