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Friday, September 26, 2008

The innoz attitude pic.

The attitude pic

They told us we lacked attitude in our first snap that we sent them ( read them as "Dhanam", a malayalam biz magazine), that was to appear along side an interview that we gave them. So we had to show em some real attitude the next time we clicked. Hope they dont reject this snap citing too much attitude, ;-).

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Help innoz technologies become India's hottest startup.

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Thank you.

hisam of hisamonomics fame . ;-)
Chief innovator ... innoz technologies.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Using firefox hisam shtyle .

I know i'm no firefox geek, and i also know that i have not enjoyed using any piece of software as much as i have enjoyed using firefox.

I have my own style when it comes to using firefox (no copyrights) , just have a look and see if its of any help to you.

My main playground is the "bookmarks" , because i find this to be the most usefull and interesting feature on firefox. And with the tremendous improvement in the "bookmarks" with Firefox 3 has made things a lot more easier and interesting for me.

So let me start with the keyword trick that is associated with every bookmark you save on your firefox.
This is how it works >>>>

Go to tools > Organize bookmarks and then select a bookmark, you will then see the properties of that particular bookmark at the bottom >> like this

and then a "more" button, clicking on that will get you 2 more options, namely keyword and description. We dont have anything to do with description.

enter something as a keyword matching that particular bookmark.
For instance i have "t" for , "O" for and so on.

And after entering a keyword, click the less button below.

Now what you can do is just enter that keyword on the adress bar and press enter to get that particular bookmarked site.
i.e when i enter "O" in the address bar and press enter, i'm taken to orkut.

Similarly have keywords to most of your frequently visited pages.
Like i have a keyword for each of my owned communities on orkut.
Damn useful it is.

The second trick being, quick searches which i have already mentioned in one of my previous post, read it here

The third trick allows me to have my bookmarks synchronised automaticaly in all the firefox installations that i use >>>on a firefox on my desktop, 2 on my lappy ( one in linux and another one in XP). The answer is a firefox extension called Fomarks.
This is what foxmarks has got to boast about itself >>>

"If you use Firefox on more than one computer, you'll want Foxmarks. Install Foxmarks on each computer, and it will work silently in the background to keep your bookmarks synchronized. You can also log in to to manage your bookmarks from any computer."

One awesome extension, especially if you are a bookmarking freak and use a lot of computer systems. And if you are one, i will be surprised if you havent googled it yet. Anyhow here is the foxmarks link

Hope that was of some help to someone somewhere.

Chillax. ( ? ? ? CHILL+RELAX )

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Azhar’s story: A miracle of love

The story of the unbelievable survival of a 10-year-old boy who was shot through the forehead by the police in the aftermath of the riots in Ahmedabad.

Azharuddin walks to his school today, more than six years later, a little wobbly on his feet, but coherent in his mind and ready to often smile.

Children orphaned by the Ahmedabad riots.

A police bullet pierced right through the 10-year-old boy’s forehead, and flew out from the other end, near his neck. But Azharuddin walks to his school across the streets of Ahmedabad today, more than six years later, a little wobbly on his feet, his one hand bent permanently like a spastic, but coherent in his mind and ready to often smile. It is a resplendent miracle of love. To add further shine to the wonder, his mother Shakila Bano also survived a bullet that penetrated her chest, just inches away from her heart.

The year was 2002, nearly two months after the communal massacre that devastated the Muslim residents of the city, following the burning of a train in Godhra. Nearly a hundred thousand men, women and children were in relief camps at that time, their loved ones killed or missing, their homes burnt. An uneasy false peace had descended over the old city where most of the Muslim population of the city lived, but stray incidents of violence and vengeance were reported from time to time, and the air was clogged with rumours and fear.

Suddenly one day in April, 2002, two bodies were discovered on a highway at the outskirts of the city near the village of Ramol. The dead men were identified as activist members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, one of the organisations which were at the forefront of organising the slaughter weeks earlier. It was quickly concluded that this was a revenge killing by the Muslims of the area.

Blind retaliation

In a short while, a convoy of jeeploads of local policemen, in uniform and helmets, drove stormily into the Muslim settlement that happened to fall nearest the place where the killed men had been found. This was the working class colony Mohammed Nagar. As soon as they entered the shanty, they began to fire blindly. Shakila Bano’s home falls close to the road near the entrance to the settlement. She was in her kitchen, kneading flour for the afternoon meal. She suddenly heard the commotion, the echo of bullets and the cry of her 10-year-old son Azhar, who was playing on the road. She came running out with the flour sticking to her hands, to find him lying motionless in a pool of blood around his head. A bullet has penetrated through his skull. She screamed in anguish and anger at the policemen who were driving by in their jeeps. She was silenced by another bullet, which went through her chest. She too fell unconscious.

The uproar outside their home alerted the other residents of the ghetto to rush into their houses and bolt their doors. The rampaging police continued to fire blindly. Zarina Bano was hit on the shoulder, Nanhi Bahen on the hand, and Rubina Bano on the chest. Aged Zuleikha fell dead to another bullet. Mohammed Rafiq, a railway employee, had the misfortune to be returning from work on his bicycle at that very moment. From behind their windows, the other residents saw him plead in terror for his life, showing the unforgiving policemen his identity card, only to be shot dead.

Paramilitary forces of the RAF followed quickly on the heels of the local police. Their officers were shocked by the consequences that they saw of a police run berserk. They assumed Azhar to be dead, but rushed his mother Shakila who was bleeding and unconscious to the hospital. This saved her life.

Azhar’s father Sheikh Imamuddin was at work at that time in the aluminium moulding factory where he was employed. He heard smatterings of news of the horrors of the police rampage and rushed home. By then, other police officials had arrived in the colony. Imam begged them to lend him their ambulance to take his son to the government hospital. They told him that he should take the boy to the cemetery instead, but relented after the father pleaded piteously.

In the hospital emergency ward, the doctors declared the boy dead. The shattered father sat with his head lowered in sorrow on a bench in the hospital corridor, clutching the edge of the stretcher on which his son lay, waiting to move his body to the mortuary. Suddenly he felt violent vibrations in the stretcher. For a moment, he thought it was a replay of the earthquake which had devastated the city of Ahmedabad a year earlier. But instead he raised his head to find that his son, still unconscious, was heaving with convulsions. Imam ran back to the doctors to plead with them to save the life of his son. They dismissed him, believing that the father was crazed by the grief of his son’s death. But he fell to their feet, pressing his head on their shoes. They relented finally, and three young doctors on duty walked with him to the corridor. They too were then stunned by the sight of the convulsions of the boy they had all taken to be dead, and they began running towards him. One doctor even slipped and fell in his haste.
Exemplary compassion

All three doctors were Hindu, and those were dark times when one’s religious faith notoriously clouded even the duty and humanity of many professionals like doctors and lawyers. But Imam testifies that these three young doctors showed him no prejudice, only exemplary compassion. For the next several weeks, Imam barely left the bedside of his son, as the doctors battled for his life. Imam learnt meanwhile of his wife’s miraculous survival in another government hospital, and his relatives tended her to health. Finally the day came when Shakila Bano, and then her son Azhar were both discharged from hospital and returned to their home.

Since the day his son returned home, his father Imam has only one obsession: the care of his son. The boy, for several months, could not rise from his bed, even to go to the toilet. The doctors had prescribed him a rigid (and expensive) regime of medicines and physiotherapy. Imam would work overtime in his aluminium moulding factory, and even after hours he sought any kind of work — head-loading, cleaning, construction labour — anything that would earn him extra money. The family and neighbours knew that the family may go without food, but no money would be spared for the boy’s medicines and treatment. The boy suffered terrible headaches and lapses of memory and even eyesight. But his parents persisted, his mother oblivious of the burning pain that sometimes still rose in her own chest which was also penetrated by a bullet. It was because of his parents’ unwavering love that, over several months, the boy slowly began to rise to his feet.

Imam wished to see the policemen who shot his son through the forehead, and his wife in her chest, punished. “My son was too young even to know who is a Hindu and who is a Muslim”, he lamented. But none were willing even to file his complaint. He stubbornly persisted, and filed a complaint in the magistrate’s court, but he has not heard from the court in these six years.

Instead, the police filed a complaint to justify their firing, with a story that Azhar and his mother were part of a mob that was trying to demolish a tiny temple that stands at the outskirts of their colony. The police FIR claims that the crowd was lobbing bombs at the temple. Nine people of the colony were arrested for this alleged attack on the temple. Unlike those who were arrested for the crimes in the carnage two months earlier — who easily secured bail — these Muslim accused from the colony were refused bail and remained in jail for five years. In the end, however, the court acquitted all of them, as the police was unable to prove their charges. It rankles Imam a lot that not a single policeman has been punished for raining bullets at his son and wife, and other innocent residents of Mohammed Nagar.

Slow progress

Imam himself is completely unlettered, but he was determined that his son should get the best education within his reach. Five years after the bullet entered his son’s skull, he held him by his hand as he stumbled unsteadily, and took him to a neighbouring private English medium school named “Sunflower”, established by a local Muslim entrepreneur. He begged the principal to admit his son, and he relented. Azhar is now 17 years old, but in class VI. He often finds it hard to remember things, and sometimes falls while walking. He is frequently grounded by throbbing pain, and even more so by frightening memories. Imam has warned his family and neighbours to not react when the boy has bouts of great fury and stubbornness. His teachers say that he is doing well in school, and the doctors affirm that the extent of his healing is utterly exceptional.

I believe that it is in the boy’s smiles and unsteady steps that his parents too have found some healing.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Firefox vs Chrome on my Celeron M.

Ever since i downed Chrome and installed it on my Celeron M lappy, i have been worried for that firefox shortcut on my desktop. But once i started using Chrome, that worry seemed non existant. Know why below...

+ the main reason being simple, Chrome takes more memory. Each tab opens as a new process/thread which my poor Celeron M cant afford.
Ya it can have its positive effects, say when a tab hangs/crashes it doesnt effect other open tabs since they all are different process/threads.
Read this Google on Google Chrome - comic book to get a better idea.

+ And when the actual browsing speed is concerned, its a lot slower than my ff3. I did a speed testing with both the browser loading "hisamonomics" and did a split watch

It took 18.90 secs for Chrome to show the first signs of hisamonomics (read title) and the second split was when "hisamonomis" would completely load. I waited.......waited and finally stopped the watch when it was 05:01.01. Yup 5 minutes. And it was not complete even then. I told you i stopped out of frustration.

Now compare this with Firefox. 09.54 secs for initial signs of hisamonomics (read title again) and when the stop watch read 01:04.13, hisamonmics was all ready.

Firefox a clear winner here.

+ No signs of any thing like extensions on Chrome. And you must know that i can hardly breathe without em.

+ A new tab in chrome shows your most visited sites in fast dial mode. Coool, ehhh?? an extension called fast dial does ditto for you on firefox.

The below screenshot shows the new tab for my chrome. The most visited sites being shown as a fast dial and your recent bookmarks shown on the right side.

-Incognito mode. Yup thats one area Chrome has caught firefox unaware. But by the next ff release that should be easily overcome. For those unaware, Incognito mode lets users create an "incognito" window where "nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged onto your computer."
This is a read-only feature with access to one's bookmarks or favorite sites.

+ all my favourite firefox shortcuts are intact on Chrome which shows that google has adopted the firefox kernel and tried to better it from thee. :-)

All in all i feel Chrome is out just to cut out Microsft I.E's market share and for google to have more control over how its internet applications work. Also just heard that it will be possible to have Gmail on an offline mode in Chrome with the Google gears functionality being added to Chrome.

For now i'm happy with my darling firefox 3 and its cool extensions. Lets see what Chrome has to offer in the future. Till then Firefox,Me and the world.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why do google need Chrome ?

I was surprised to read that google is coming out with its own browser named "chrome".
But why?? that is the quetsion i just fail to get an answer for.

why google wants a browser of its own , when they have been funding Firefox almost single handedly ??

The most satisfying answer that i got was from the Mozilla's Europe president, Tristan Nitot (of course i googled that), this is what he had to say --->>>

"Mozilla's Europe president, Tristan Nitot also chimed in during an interview with PCPro, stating that they don't view this as a direct attack on Firefox, even if it did catch them by surprise. "I'll take another example: just before Microsoft launched Vista, it invited us [to work with it] so that Firefox works better on Windows Vista. Because for it, Firefox being a top-tier application that was very successful - we now have 200 million users around the world - it could not afford to have Firefox run slowly on Vista. Therefore, it helped us improve Firefox for Vista. That's just the same for Google. It wants Firefox to perform well with its applications, that's for sure. Indeed, it even wants IE to perform well with Gmail and the rest. It's just that it has very limited control over this. That's why Google's been frustrated and it is launching this Chrome browser."

And from whatever little i have read, i get a feeling that CHROME is a place that google wants its users to reach for the maximum utilisation of its products or apps. And i have already started feeling that its going to be another master stroke from the masters of the internet. And now i get reminded of the problems that i have with gmail in firefox, small but annoying at times especially with a slow connection.
Maybe that is the sort of problems that google wants to overcome using its CHROME.

Some snapshots of the new chrome.

And i just found out this --->>>>>>>> "Google Chrome has a new engine for loading interactive JavaScript code, dubbed V8, which is designed to run the next generation of future Web applications. V8 will speed up JavaScript performance in the browser."--->>>>>>>> and i know thats clearly aimed at Gmail.

Some features promised include

+ The browser supports multi-tasking. Just like in a typical operating system each application is given its own memory and its own copy of global data structures. Applications will launch in their own windows so that if one should hang or crash it won’t affect the others.

This will also prevent the whole browser from crashing because it’s essentially been partitioned off.

+ The browser has an address bar ‘omnibox’ with auto-completion features. It offers search suggestions, top pages that a user visited and pages he didn’t visit but are popular.

The omnibox also gives suggests searches. The browser's search blank keeps a track of keywords in a users' previous visit, allowing one to type in, say, "cellphone" to pull up any web pages he visited recently that pertained to cellphones, say Nokia.

+ Like IE8 Beta 2, Chrome also comes with privacy mode or porn mode feature. This mode lets users create an "incognito" window where "nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged onto your computer."
This is a read-only feature with access to one's bookmarks or favorite sites.

Impressive, ehhhhh??

But if you think Internet Explorer is going to be the main looser, then think twice. I think this will hurt Firefox badly.

This is the reason that google gave for building a browser Read about why we built a browser.
Here is the download link for chrome Beta click here

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Yet another dumb goalie......

Watch another one here

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Monday, September 01, 2008

hisamonomics and me.....

hisamonomics !! I have started to hear that name more often these days...... even to the extent that friends have started to adress me with "hisamonomics" ( or simply monomics and sorta) when i make a silent entry into parties or functions. And i dont feel bad when they do that, infact i feel the exact opposite.
hisamonomics is for me like Ash is for Abhishek, i know i'm no Abhishek ( i dont want to be) and hisamonomics aint any Ash. Its just that style statement me and Abhishek wants the outer world to see. (Abhishek has Ash and me got hisamonomics and not the other way round) ;-)

I probably summed it up well when i had my header ready for hisamonomics,( some part of it read "the social science that deals with the way hisam thinks") . I think i have been partially or more than partially succesfull when i look back at it and the way i have maintained this blog.
Yes i was consistently irregular when it came to posting here (obviously a bug named lazy thats in my blood is responsible) and whenever i have posted i think it was "the way hisam thought". But i have to confess that i have never posted things that was very personal to me (another bug named shy that also runs through my blood is responsible).

And talking of the feedback that i get from you, aaaaaah that is the ultimate reward that hisamonomics can have. Be it good or bad, for hisamonomics it just means that one turned head.
And that is satisfying.
Talking of feedbacks, they are sorted into 2,
+ comments that you give here and the
+ oral comments you gimme directly ( the entry addressal that i mentioned in the beginning of this post)

Talking of comments that i get here on hisamonomics are very few and far, but all the same they are very satisfying to have when they are few and far. The same feeling that i used to have when i had very few email messages in my inbox (some ten years back), those were the days when i would just wait to get a mail from someone in my inbox and when i did i would feel extra ordinary. Fast forward to the present where thousands and thousands of mails kept unread in my gmail inbox and i dont feel any extraordinary.
I know a day will come (soon) when hisamonomics wont feel extraordinary by the thousands of unread comments. And i hope it will be a direct fall out of another extra ordinary feeling that i will have because of an extra ordinary thing that is going to happen in my life.

And i aint ready to loose any valuable possessions of mine when i'm on the way to attain that extra ordinary feeling.

For sure hisamonomics RISING........ sloooooooowly....... but SURELY.

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