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Saturday, February 06, 2016

EAMCET - An awesome android app for EAMCET entrance exams preparation called Entri

I recently came across a very good android app to prepare for EAMCET entrance exams called Entri on the Google playstore. I have been practicing using the app continously for a week now and i have been able to make very good progress in my weak topics.

The app has more than 50,000 KEAM, EAMCET and KCET oriented Questions, Study Materials and Solutions specially prepared for these exams in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Each subject has been divided into different chapters, you can pick any chapter and start practicing by taking unlimited tests. As you take more tests, entri adapts to your personal weaknesses and strengths by giving you questions that will strengthen your weak areas. You also get Detailed Reports, Answer Keys and Solutions after each test using which you can improve considerably.

Here are some snapshots of the app below; You can download the app from

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A great knowledge spillover for YOU

The New Way To Design Your Home


We are CoContest, the world’s first and foremost online interior design marketplace. We are launching a public beta of our service and we want to formally invite you to try it. We manage a network of over 11,000 architects worldwide.

Users interested in designing or renovating a space can use our platform to launch a contest within this network of architects. It is very simple. Users just have to create a basic profile, upload some specific details and preferences about the space and launch the contest. Within as little as 7 days, they can receive between 15-20 complete design proposals, for an average of $350.

We are revolutionizing the way people think about interior designs. We envision affordable and accessible interior design and architectural services for everyone.

Through our user friendly, customizable platform we hope to allow everyone to express a bit of their own creativity.

We are offering you a 100% discount on the CoContest user fee (code: ilovecocontest).


Federico Schiano di Pepe 
Founder of @CoContest

PS we love your feedback, ideas, suggestion, contact us:

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mohammed Hisamuddin has invited you to Dropbox

We're excited to let you know that Mohammed Hisamuddin has invited you to Dropbox!

Mohammed Hisamuddin has been using Dropbox to sync and share files online and across computers, and thought you might want it too.

Visit to get started.

- The Dropbox Team

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Experience SmsGyan the chat way.

In order to make SMSGYAN even more accessible, we launched GYAN over your favorite Instant Messenger GTalk or the Chat in Gmail.

Now you can access the GYAN Services, by sending the query as a chat message to

You will have to add to your friend list first.

TIP:After adding GYAN to your messenger list,type HELP on the GYAN chat window and you will get a response with a list of different keywords.

To get detailed information about anything, send the query with the keyword to and you will get a response with the details.

For Encyclopedia,all you have to do is type in the query.

My personal favourites include book-movie reviews (for which we partnered with and the expand acronyms feature, totally rocks and so should you when you start using it ;)

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Garage days of Innoz

Its now over a year since we took that ambitious and risky leap, the leap to be different, the leap to be Entrepreneurs. The first step of that never ending leap was the Interview at Park Centre,Technopark on April the 8th 2008 for getting the incubation which we four will never forget.

Its been a zigzag journey since then mixed with success and failure,more of the first than the second. We cant say the journey has been easy, it was not. But it was fun all the way, we were doing what we liked best turning our laps (laptops) into labs, sleeping at 4 in the night or rather morning (whichever way you see it), train journeys with confirmed and unconfirmed tickets, board meeting inside hostel rooms,rented rooms and whereever we found some room. In short it has been some hard but delightfull "Garage days of Innoz".

If you ask us what our biggest success has been, we are happy to say that it is certainly more than one.
+ One of the biggest achievement was obviously the launch of our first product SmsGyan in its beta version (its still in beta),

Some other achievements being --

+ the 62nd position we managed in the TATA NEN Hottest Startup Awards,

+ Official launch of SmsGyan by Hon.Home Minister of Kerala,Sri.Kodiyeri Balakrishnan,

+ a wide media coverage of all these helped us to keep our loved ones at home and out happy,

+ Smsgyan got nominated for Economic Times-Power of Ideas & successfully entered into the Elevator Pitch and is likely to find a stable investor soon.

And very recently we managed one big break through in the form of iAccelerator incubation program at IIM-Ahmedabad. We are one of the 6 startups selected from all over India. iAccelerator is the Indian version of the now very famous Silicon valley based Ycombinator. Innoz will have to move to IIM-Ahmedabad and stay there for 4 months starting May-1. And that means IIM-A campus will be Innoz' standby garage in the coming days ;)

The "Garage days of Innoz" continues......


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crazy evening... Crazier friends.

It was yet another trip to bekal fort, the best tourist destination in the world (Seriously! Every kasaragodian feels so very rightly and very proudly :P).

But wheres the fort, i cant see any ??

Ya you are right, we actually forgot that we went to see the fort and ended up fighting in front of the camera.

This pic i think is the craziest of em all. Menaz' smile sums up all the fun we had. (click pic 2 enlarge)

And this pic was at the very end of the evening, and probably the calmest pic of all.

What transpired in between the first and second pic is for everyone to guess.
If i had to define that in one word, it would be -- FUN.

Loads of fun. :D

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Registered a domain for myself finally after booking it for "how many times" i dunno. Though i have put up something there at, i'm not completely happy with that template,got that from (open source coming to my rescue again). Will hang on to that template untill i get a better one.
And because of my twitter obsession these days i just dont have the patience to type more than 140 characters at a time.... and this post is a mega serial in that sense.

Those who miss a more regular hisamonomics these days its because i'm regularly hisaming these days... follow me on twitter at @hisaming (warning: dangerously addictive).

Leaving you with a #quote (sorry for that # tag, twitter after effects you see) that i coined after i was sooooo thankfull to every thing open source. It goes like this >>> "Open source is like charity, the difference being that even the rich can make use of it". B-)

And do feedback on


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Monday, March 02, 2009

nOt ThAt!

Its been soooo many many days since i last blogged... may be the biggest break since the hisamonomics bug caught me.
Its not that i lost interest in blogging or rather hisamonomics all of a sudden.... not that i was busy wit far more important things(also not that i was not busy with far more important things).... not that noffin interestin was happenin in my life for me to blog... not that i felt nobody was visiting hisamonomics (infact theres been a more than good increase in visitors)..... not that i suddenly started to feel blogging was a child's game ( also not that i suddenly started to feel i'm not a child nemore (and also not that i previously thought i was a child )).....

I JUS DIN FEEL LIKE BLOGGING... Nothin more...nothin less!

stoppin 4 now!..NOT THAT i've run out of more NOT THATs...

a sleepy psycho hisam aka hisamonomics doin a blah ... blah... blah..... NOT THAT i din have nethin else to blog about! LoL! ;-)

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

tweetin these days....

Couldn't blog for the last so many days, and no certain reasons for not doing so. but if you insist, i can tell you that twitter may have played a role in me not blogging.
My reintroduction into twitter after exaclty a year of absence there has somehow got me hooked. and i'm obsessed now, with me tweeting regularly (3-5 tweets daily) mostly from my smart phone. Heres my twitter page .
For those who are unaware of twitter, here is a small intro - " Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length."
For more go 2 and start tweetin.

And bdw i have started hating airtel gprs des days, gone are the days when it used 2 be 274/month, it became 374/month recently and very recently it became 674/month.
So ( airtel gprs sucks,airtel mobile office sucks,airtel gprs review,airtel mobile office review)
Keywords inside the brackets r meant to save those folks who search for airtle gprs reviews on google. Hope they find this. my advice 2 em "Don go 4 airtel gprs, better go for a bsnl broadband which is much more feasible ".
Over for now !

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smsgyan beta launched.

Finally we have launched our first product's beta version in our college(lbs college of engineering for those unaware) without much fanfare even though the district collector inaugurated it inside a packed house seminar hall with everyone's mouth half open in amazement.
The reason we didn't want a bigger fanfare was just simple and obvious-we were releasing a beta version and not a stable one. So we kept that for the stabler version release.

For those wanting an early peek into the product, just visit
and to know the story behind it go to

And talking about the stable version release, it is most likely to happen on a date which starts with number 1 and ends with the number 3, no more clues, sorry. And the place which will witness the dream come true of four young rare minds addicted to innovations will be ofcourse Technopark .

So hold your breath !!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fear in my eyes........

I have my pads on, and every other thing that was provided to me to face one of the best bowler in the world at a packed house Eden gardens , preferably a south african bowler. Yes i'm selected to the Indian cricket team. And i just confirmed my middle stump guard with the umpire....... and then i saw him running towards me at great speed indicating the greater speed of his delivery that i will be facing in a moment...... i lifted my eyes automatically opened as wide as it could..... probably i was ready........

That is the kind of situation i have myselves in..... even though it is too minute when compared to a selection to the Indian cricket team....... but nevertheless i can see many eyes staring at me with great expectations. Eyes that i dont want to see dissapointed. As a result..... i have got fear inside my eyes..... And i got no regrets, because that increments my motivation keywords list by one (AkA ++ in programming terms)....... with the other keywords being.... dream, passion,addiction, and i'm sure a lot of fun...

PRAY FOR ME BROTHER and ofcourse SISTER'S as well. ;-)

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Monday, October 06, 2008

The innoz forward mail doing the rounds.

One annoying innoz forward mail that you should forward to all your email contacts if you love innoz, for that matter even if you hate innoz , ;-)

We assume you should have already voted for us . But we need more help.
We somehow came to know that you have got a big list of email
contacts. So getting straight into the matter, we want you to forward
this email to all those contacts.

For those wondering what this fuss is all about........ please read on >>>>

Innoz technologies is a student startup (four students from the Lbs
college of engineering,Kasaragod being the founders,and one of the four is a kunilian) based at the
prestigious Technopark TBI center. Innoz have been shortlisted for
TATA NEN Hottest startups contest and the winner is being decided by
public voting.Now this is what you can do if you haven't yet voted
for us

Please sms HOT(space)66 to 56767 from your mobile or vote online at (we advice you to vote from your mobile because that
is a lot more easier than the online option unless you are outside india)

Now if you are looking for reasons or want reasons to ?forward this
mail or to vote for us?, you can try convincing yourselves with one of
the below reasons.......

+ You belong to the same college as the founders.

+ The friend who forwarded this mail belongs to the same college as
the founders and because you love that friend very much you dont want
to ignore him/her.

+ You know one or more of the founders personally and wants to see
him/them successfull.

+ You are sooooooooo fed up of these innoz guys because they are
behind you everywhere asking you to vote for them. Your Email inbox is
full of their mails, your mobile is full of their Sms, you cant walk
peacefully because anytime anywhere(Inside the classroom,outside the
clasroom,canteen etc etc.........) these guys jump upon you begging
for your vote. So you just want to get rid of them by forwarding this
mail so that they come in the top 30 list and hopefully stop bothering
you. And you will have your peacefull days back

+ Who knows if Innoz makes it very big one day, even you might land a
job there.... or atleast in the future your son/daughter might get a
job there because of your one forwarded mail or your one precious
vote. Soooo dont take a chance... ;-)

+ You are very confident of the innoz guys and you are sure that they
will come up with a lot of innovative products that will make your
life more enjoyable and comfortable.

+ You have already lost some time by reading this much, now what do
you loose extra by forwarding this mail to all your friends??

And if you still cant convince yourselves with any of the above
option, noffin to worry......... because some very bad news wont come
searching for you even if you dont forward this mail. But if you do,
we are sure some very good news will soon come your way. :-)

Visit to know more about us.


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Saturday, October 04, 2008


If i remember right, i started to hear that term (hisam) some 20 years back along with some other common terms. I heard that word so commonly that i soon started turning my head when i heard that word. Not before long i realised that they had named me hisam.... and i was supposed to respond when they called me that name. And all these years i have been doing exactly that.

The reason for me to get nostalgic about my own name now is Google. Yes you heard it right. My all time favourite google just returned my blog hisamonomics as the first result(from a pile of 130000 other results) for the search term "hisam". Click hisam to see it.( it might or might not go down later) .

Now,What is the big fuss about it??

No fuss, but if you can see through it.... this post is just another twisted search engine optimistaion(seo) to cement hisamonomics on the top for the search term hisam.

If you still cant see through it....... then just do a HOMERUN(defn:run as fast as you can to your home so that you reach your home as soon as possible).... i jus heard your mammaa calling you loud !! ;-)

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The innoz attitude pic.

The attitude pic

They told us we lacked attitude in our first snap that we sent them ( read them as "Dhanam", a malayalam biz magazine), that was to appear along side an interview that we gave them. So we had to show em some real attitude the next time we clicked. Hope they dont reject this snap citing too much attitude, ;-).

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Help innoz technologies become India's hottest startup.

Vote for Innoz at TATA NEN Hottest Startups awards.

SMS HOT(space)66 to 56767 or Vote Online at

Thank you.

hisam of hisamonomics fame . ;-)
Chief innovator ... innoz technologies.

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