"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Saturday, October 04, 2008


If i remember right, i started to hear that term (hisam) some 20 years back along with some other common terms. I heard that word so commonly that i soon started turning my head when i heard that word. Not before long i realised that they had named me hisam.... and i was supposed to respond when they called me that name. And all these years i have been doing exactly that.

The reason for me to get nostalgic about my own name now is Google. Yes you heard it right. My all time favourite google just returned my blog hisamonomics as the first result(from a pile of 130000 other results) for the search term "hisam". Click hisam to see it.( it might or might not go down later) .

Now,What is the big fuss about it??

No fuss, but if you can see through it.... this post is just another twisted search engine optimistaion(seo) to cement hisamonomics on the top for the search term hisam.

If you still cant see through it....... then just do a HOMERUN(defn:run as fast as you can to your home so that you reach your home as soon as possible).... i jus heard your mammaa calling you loud !! ;-)