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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Experience SmsGyan the chat way.

In order to make SMSGYAN even more accessible, we launched GYAN over your favorite Instant Messenger GTalk or the Chat in Gmail.

Now you can access the GYAN Services, by sending the query as a chat message to

You will have to add to your friend list first.

TIP:After adding GYAN to your messenger list,type HELP on the GYAN chat window and you will get a response with a list of different keywords.

To get detailed information about anything, send the query with the keyword to and you will get a response with the details.

For Encyclopedia,all you have to do is type in the query.

My personal favourites include book-movie reviews (for which we partnered with and the expand acronyms feature, totally rocks and so should you when you start using it ;)

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