"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Monday, September 01, 2008

hisamonomics and me.....

hisamonomics !! I have started to hear that name more often these days...... even to the extent that friends have started to adress me with "hisamonomics" ( or simply monomics and sorta) when i make a silent entry into parties or functions. And i dont feel bad when they do that, infact i feel the exact opposite.
hisamonomics is for me like Ash is for Abhishek, i know i'm no Abhishek ( i dont want to be) and hisamonomics aint any Ash. Its just that style statement me and Abhishek wants the outer world to see. (Abhishek has Ash and me got hisamonomics and not the other way round) ;-)

I probably summed it up well when i had my header ready for hisamonomics,( some part of it read "the social science that deals with the way hisam thinks") . I think i have been partially or more than partially succesfull when i look back at it and the way i have maintained this blog.
Yes i was consistently irregular when it came to posting here (obviously a bug named lazy thats in my blood is responsible) and whenever i have posted i think it was "the way hisam thought". But i have to confess that i have never posted things that was very personal to me (another bug named shy that also runs through my blood is responsible).

And talking of the feedback that i get from you, aaaaaah that is the ultimate reward that hisamonomics can have. Be it good or bad, for hisamonomics it just means that one turned head.
And that is satisfying.
Talking of feedbacks, they are sorted into 2,
+ comments that you give here and the
+ oral comments you gimme directly ( the entry addressal that i mentioned in the beginning of this post)

Talking of comments that i get here on hisamonomics are very few and far, but all the same they are very satisfying to have when they are few and far. The same feeling that i used to have when i had very few email messages in my inbox (some ten years back), those were the days when i would just wait to get a mail from someone in my inbox and when i did i would feel extra ordinary. Fast forward to the present where thousands and thousands of mails kept unread in my gmail inbox and i dont feel any extraordinary.
I know a day will come (soon) when hisamonomics wont feel extraordinary by the thousands of unread comments. And i hope it will be a direct fall out of another extra ordinary feeling that i will have because of an extra ordinary thing that is going to happen in my life.

And i aint ready to loose any valuable possessions of mine when i'm on the way to attain that extra ordinary feeling.

For sure hisamonomics RISING........ sloooooooowly....... but SURELY.