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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why do google need Chrome ?

I was surprised to read that google is coming out with its own browser named "chrome".
But why?? that is the quetsion i just fail to get an answer for.

why google wants a browser of its own , when they have been funding Firefox almost single handedly ??

The most satisfying answer that i got was from the Mozilla's Europe president, Tristan Nitot (of course i googled that), this is what he had to say --->>>

"Mozilla's Europe president, Tristan Nitot also chimed in during an interview with PCPro, stating that they don't view this as a direct attack on Firefox, even if it did catch them by surprise. "I'll take another example: just before Microsoft launched Vista, it invited us [to work with it] so that Firefox works better on Windows Vista. Because for it, Firefox being a top-tier application that was very successful - we now have 200 million users around the world - it could not afford to have Firefox run slowly on Vista. Therefore, it helped us improve Firefox for Vista. That's just the same for Google. It wants Firefox to perform well with its applications, that's for sure. Indeed, it even wants IE to perform well with Gmail and the rest. It's just that it has very limited control over this. That's why Google's been frustrated and it is launching this Chrome browser."

And from whatever little i have read, i get a feeling that CHROME is a place that google wants its users to reach for the maximum utilisation of its products or apps. And i have already started feeling that its going to be another master stroke from the masters of the internet. And now i get reminded of the problems that i have with gmail in firefox, small but annoying at times especially with a slow connection.
Maybe that is the sort of problems that google wants to overcome using its CHROME.

Some snapshots of the new chrome.

And i just found out this --->>>>>>>> "Google Chrome has a new engine for loading interactive JavaScript code, dubbed V8, which is designed to run the next generation of future Web applications. V8 will speed up JavaScript performance in the browser."--->>>>>>>> and i know thats clearly aimed at Gmail.

Some features promised include

+ The browser supports multi-tasking. Just like in a typical operating system each application is given its own memory and its own copy of global data structures. Applications will launch in their own windows so that if one should hang or crash it won’t affect the others.

This will also prevent the whole browser from crashing because it’s essentially been partitioned off.

+ The browser has an address bar ‘omnibox’ with auto-completion features. It offers search suggestions, top pages that a user visited and pages he didn’t visit but are popular.

The omnibox also gives suggests searches. The browser's search blank keeps a track of keywords in a users' previous visit, allowing one to type in, say, "cellphone" to pull up any web pages he visited recently that pertained to cellphones, say Nokia.

+ Like IE8 Beta 2, Chrome also comes with privacy mode or porn mode feature. This mode lets users create an "incognito" window where "nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged onto your computer."
This is a read-only feature with access to one's bookmarks or favorite sites.

Impressive, ehhhhh??

But if you think Internet Explorer is going to be the main looser, then think twice. I think this will hurt Firefox badly.

This is the reason that google gave for building a browser Read about why we built a browser.
Here is the download link for chrome Beta click here


Selerines said...

Thanks for the information dude... Is it released or not?

hisam said...

Yup chrome beta version is relased. I hv provided d dwnload link at the end of the post.
Dwn it man, i've jus started 2 find it amazin