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Monday, July 07, 2008

Back again.

That is the one question that i should answer first, what kept hisamonomics silent for exactly 31 days ( my last post being on june the sixth). And the one straight answer that comes to my mind instantly is the absence of gprs on my 6233, and because that is restored now i'm well and truly blogging again. Phew !!

And when i'm blogging again i am going to blog about one thing that i should have blogged a lot earlier, i didn't for reasons best unknown to me......... and even though hisamonomics has it "Its better never than late", i'm going to do it because i know that it is not that late after all.

If its going to be told in just a word or two, then it is Swades Solutions. Else read on >>>>>>>>

"This is the story of four people who shared a dream to revolutionize the homeland rather than joining the rat race of IT professionals.Motivated by the stories of great successes in software field, each of the four principals had a desire to start something New.
Studying in the same college and recognizing each others potentials, it became much easier to give birth to Swades Solutions."

And one of the four that is talked about here is the hisam of hisamonomics (for your quick knowledge) and the other 3 being Deepak (chief executive officer) , Abhinav (chief operating officer) Ashwin (chief software architect) and me being known as the cio (chief innovative officer) .

And you guessed right, the above Jangloosky snap is the team behind Swades solutions determined to see their dreams take shape.
From left- Ashwin, Deepak,Hisam and Abhinav.

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