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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to make your folder truly and only your's .

Here is a trick which makes your folder almost impossible for others to acces without the help of any software.

The first thing you should do is make the folder hidden,
The next step is to make your folder invisible which you can learn from one of my previous posts How to make a folder invisible.

Then make sure that your hidden folders are not shown, i.e select the options "do not show hidden folders" from the tools>folder>view .
Do the above step only after you have followed the first two steps.

Now your folder is almost inaccessible (apart from you that is).

Now the main trick here is that for you to access the folder you dont have to reverse this process.
Lets say that your folder is in iama/bolan and assuming you have erased the name and made it invisible by using "alt-255" trick which means the name of your folder is a single "alt+255" press on your keyboard ( if you used only one"alt+255").
If this is your case then you can directly get inside your folder by just entering the path on the address bar.......... i.e if you do a "iama/bolan/("alt+255")" on your address bar you are vrooooooooooooooooooomed right into your folder (even with that folder hidden and invisible).

To make your folder more secure use multiple "alt+255" as your folder name.
Thatsh it!!
Have a try and prove that your "iama/bolan/ " path is very true even if no one's noticing it, ;-).

note:Works only on windows.


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