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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

t20 win nd its aftereffects..........

The nation is baskin in the joy of t20 wcup win nd rightly so cos i think for us to win another cup of this stature it will take another decade or 2. I'm not goin 2 go into detail of d performances of d players atleast in this post, i'm posting this because i was fascinated by the negative hype or masala news that the Indian media folks manage to come up with every indian cricket success( or for that matter even failure).
The 2 noteworthy news doin the rounds this time are

* Hockey players and officials feel they are being given stepmotherly treatment.
With d cricket board, state govts., sponsors, nd every other billionaire soul in d country competing to reward the players, i'm sure each player will end up with atleast 50-60 lakh, Not to mention players like Yuvraj, who was rewarded 1crore alone by the Bcci, and a porsche car ( cos he once mentioned to d bcci vice president lalit modi " MY favourite car is porsche 9211........").

Now compare the rewards given to the Asia cup winning Indian hockey team-

50000 Naya rupees to the whole team,
1000 rs for a goal and now hold ur breath.........
a fine of rs 2000 for every goal conceded.
Can u just believe that "a fine of rs 2000 for every goal conceded." ???
Now what if they concede more goals than they score( or even 3/4th of dey score), they would end bankrupt.........;).

Every hockey player mothers will start saying "Mera beta hockey khel kar barbaaaaaaaad ho gaya"
And all the other mothers will start saying "Tu jo bhi khar beta, bhagwan ke vasthe hockey math khel".

And to top it all cricket stole its winning emblem..
Chak de.............. oh chak de india................

No wonder v rnt playing hockey as well as v used 2. Winning the Asia cup was a real achievement under these torturous circumstances.

* Bcci officials and politicians taking the limelight during the welcome celebrations of d Indian cricket team in Mumbai is the other 1( They apparently pushed the whole Indian team except Dhoni to d second row in the stage).

Wonder what the fans must have felt like, i will put it in a sentence,
"The crowd came to c Shahrukh Khan in the movie and they showed em Gulshan Grower"
How unfair..................