"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My favourites.

Here is a list of my favourites in no order what so ever...........

Lets start with my favourite cricketer- Shaun Pollock at the moment, keeps on changing, only within the South African cricket team that is.

+ Internet application- Gmail.

+ Social network- Facebook.

+ Bollywood actress- Katrina kaif at the moment, ya this one also keeps on changing, i dunno why. Love Katrina now and i dunno why again. Maybe for the way she looks, gotchaaaaa?

+ Mobile phone- Apna 6233, ofcourse.

+ IT company- Google, this one doesnt change at all. Always constant untill i come up with my own, ;-).

+ IPL team- Rajasthan royals, ya i've changed this one too, but only once, after all IPL has just started, didnt get time to keep on changing. But for now Rajasthan royals rock and hope they keep on. Else...............

+ Epl team- Arsenal, no i dont change here. See they din win the EPL and i'm still with em. Sincere na??

+ Spanish premier liga team- Real Madrid. Joined here when Zidane was here and din find any reason to leave afer he left. So still here.

+ Bollywood movie- Rangeela.

+ Hollywood movie- Gladiator.

+ Animation movie- Shrek 2.

+ Politician- Lalu Prasad Yaday, He rocks maaaaaaannnnnnnnn.

+ Cricketer (Outside of South Africa) - Monty Panesar, Veeery childish, jus love him for that.

+ footballer- Zidane.

+ Football team- France.

+ Drink- Amul cool.

+ Dish- Umma made Biriyani (Very Yummy) and me made Banana Budgeeee comes a close second.

+ Outfit- Tshirt and denim.

+ Gym exercise- Bisceps curl ( both simultaneously).

+ Hollywood actor- Nicolas cage.

+ Bollywood actor- SRK.

+ Political party- Indian National Congress, i dont change here......... After all i'm not a politician. ;-).

+ Tv show- Mtv Meet Or Delete.

+ Terrorist- Osama Bin Laden(If he really is one)

+ Don- Dawood Ibrahim.

+ Comedian- Inzamamul Haq.

+ Hate figure- George Bush.

+ Great Figure- Kareena kapoor.

+ Location- Bangalore.

+ Teacher- Got one each for school, higher secondary and college...... here they go..
Fathima miss (English) at school, Raghu sir ( Maths) at hss and hmmmmmmmmmm........ at college...... its very difficult to have a favourite here simply because they neva favour you ( i hope they are not reading)...... One Mr. Vineesh (Maths) S3 and S4, he was my clear favourite untill.............

+ Timepass- Gym workouts, Its very difficult to reach there, but once i'm there its all cooooooooooooooooooool.

+ Shampoo- Head and sholuders( why am i tellin you this??)

+ Channel- NDTV 24x7

+ Friend- hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i cant name 1 , there r many......... i jus like to be surrounded by friends.......

+ Cricket Team- Everyone that knows me well also knows well that South African Cricket runs through my blood. I've neva changed this in my whole life and i neva will, simply because you cant change your blood group.

+ College activity- Bunk classes, but there's no adventure in bunkin classes here at college, cos its normal here. Adventure was at its top when i bunked classes at school with my cloooooooose friends, nobody knew we were bunkin classes through a broken window( of course we broke it) and playin cricket at a beautiful Lil playground jus behind a tiny forest which in turn was behind our classroom. Aaaaaaaaaah!! those were the days.............

Ufffffff, I neva thought i will manage such a big list when i started, they just went on coming one after the other and they are still coming
But i'm stopppin for now and may have a part 2 of my favourites.
Having said that i'm not sure about it, because you might have come to know after reading this post that i keep onnnn changing my mind.