"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Monday, May 12, 2008

Shiftin loyalty and more.............

There's been a lot happening in the recent past and it is almost impossible for me to blog about all those.............
What i can rather do is just have a report card f sorts.......... here they go >>>>>>>>>

+ I've decided to dump B'lore Royal challengers for Rajasthan Royals simply because they are not winning enough to even qualify for the semis, forget winning the IPL. And staying with the Loosers make me feel myself a looser. So Ba-bye B'lore and MUAAAH Rajasthan royals. Moreover i managed a worthy(very) person to support Rajasthan royals.
I jus hope i dont have to shift loyalties again, ;-).

+ Just about time that four years of torture called B-tech( atleast for me ) came to an end. Everyone is busy bloggin about how they are going to miss their college days. Ya ofcourse i'm going to miss tooooo. But if you ask me to describe that four years at Lbs with four exact words, they would be ASSIGNMENT-SERIES-UNIVERSITY-SUPPLE (a recursive loop). As shimple as that!

+ Realising the reality that its high time that i started thinking about my career, which has created a panic of sorts in my mind. Only to be cooled by something inside me (maybe my heart),which said that everything that is going to happen is going to happen because that was meant to happen when that was meant to happen. Confused?? Ya thats exactly what my mind became and that panic thing vanished. Sometimes Confusion is better than Conviction.

+ And as always Dreamin my dream of makin it big one day (wish its sooner rather than later), and frustrated at the same time that its movin like a snail.
Main project work(hard) ahead and really looking forward it to take shape and the reactions that it will get.

Its 3:50 in the morning here in India.

So what??

Mind stuck, seeeeeeeems time to shleeeeeeeeep. bey eby........ I told yuo , tht mind seems stcuk, i cant splel teh wodrs proprely, adn yuo stlil wnat me to kpee on blggoign, tish si nto frai.... cmolpteyl lsot............ grrrrrrrrrrr .