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Monday, March 10, 2008

Smorty turns out real.

After giving hope of earning some money through the internet, i stumbled upon Smorty which turned out to be really true. Smorty can be broadly classified into two- One is for advertisers who can boost their search engine rankings with quality inbound links from thousands of blogs and increase their websites traffic and the second is for bloggers who can get paid for blogging by writing their opinion about peoples products, services and websites on their blog.
It is certainly the best available Get paid to blog site available on the internet and the best again when it comes to blog advertising.
I have already got my one post approved and waiting for two to get approved.Smorty pays you weekly. I'm waiting for my first Smorty earnings to hit my Paypal account. Smorty also provides you a referral program where in you can also have a share of your friend's earning as well.
One bottomline is that you should have a blog with atleast a Pagerank of one. My blog just made it last week and i'm rocking along with Smorty.
Smorty rocks because it is the only way i am making money on the internet.