"There are some things which words cant express,for everything else there is hisam onomics"

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How many visitors do hisamonomics actually get??

I always wonder if someone ever reads my posts here, simply because i rarely get comments on posts, not including the guest book entries. So i dont have any idea how many hits my blog actually gets daily. And i have decided to find out >>>>

Since you have taken the time and pain to come to this blog and read this post till here ( Now dont tell that you are not reading this because you are doing exactly that !! ;-) ), i request you to do me a small favour, just go to the comments link of this post and write me something there or to make things easier for you, you can instead scribble on the guestbook you see on the right side of this page.

Sooo nice of you(only if you have decided to comment). And since you have also decided to take the pain of commenting, i can suggest some things you can comment on....

How much do you like Hisamonomics? do you like its content? do you like to see any changes? do you like to see hisamonomics start thinking on new topics? and anything you like............

And since you have already taken this much time (sooooooo kind of you) and PPPAin, why dont you link to this blog from your's(assuming you have one) and you can expect the same favour in return( after all i got a PR1 to show, hehehhehehaeh).

And and since you have taken this muchhhhh pain i wont give you any more pain, i'm stopping.

And i hope you didnt forget that this post actually was meant to determine the actual number of hisamonomics visitors and i didnt have any OTHER intentions at alllllll...... ;-)

So dont forget to take all those pains.........

And one more thing, this post will be at the top untill i get atleast 3 comments as a result of this post. Kkasam HISAMONOMICS Ki !!


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