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Monday, March 10, 2008

Create your online store.

Ashop Commerce is a leading US provider of Shopping cart software which actually delivers.It provides a turn-key ecommerce solution with it's revolutionary online store building software.It is certainly one of the worlds most easy to use web based administrations with AWARD winning features which allows the merchant to build an online store capable of competing with the web's most powerful sites for a simple, low monthly fee. The main attraction is that it one of its kind ecommerce software which offers a 10 day free trial. Other really key attractions are,

+ SUPPORT TICKETING SYSTEM-You can take advantage of complete issue history tracking, intelligent ticket routing, and much more at no additional charge.
+ LIVE SUPPORT TOOL-Their live chat support tool provide their clients an unmatched user friendly, powerful platform generating more sales and a more professional image.
+ AFFORDABLE,EASY TO SET UP,EXCELLENT TECHNICAL AND CUSTOMER SERVICE,SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY- with a 100% optimised shopping carts it is sure that you will reach the top of any search engine.
In addition to this it is the only shopping cart software which thousands of American online merchants enjoy their entire online business from.
Ashop commerce also won the Mybusiness awards' from FUJI XEROX for the year 2006.
So folks if you want to build your own shopping cart and want to see it fill out,Ashop is the final word. Have a try!! Take my word!!
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