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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Airtel gprs zindabad..........

Thus ended one of my previous posts titled "Is Airtel GPRS worth the monthly 250 bucks??" if you remember right. And i'm starting of from right there again simply because Airtel has beeeeeeeen soooooooo generous to me when it comes to their gprs service. If you remember i had something of this sort as one of my points there

"+To top it all, the time limit is not ejjactly a month, it actaully extends beyond. i got a week extra this time around. But never stops before a month, neva!!"

I was talkin about the monthly time limit that used to extend by some days!! SO what now?? Ya you guessed right!! It has stopped doing so!! YIPEEEEEEEEEE..... instead it is going on and on this time and by the time i'm posting this using that very same GPRS ( Charity!! Thats what i call it) service it has gone over exactly a month........ with that 250 bucks i paid over 2 months back. I've just fallen in love with this AIRTEL thing, and i've also stopped those random calls to 121(customer service) with my complaints regarding my call tariff and other offers ( ofcourse cos f my crazy thoughts tellin me that this may somehow lead to deactivation of my CHARITY Gprs)

SO untill Airtel GPRS goes on with this love affair with me, i got my one knee bent !! And when they decide to stop(if eva.....)this, i atleast got the consolation that i can start calling that 121 again and start bugging those lovely female voices again !! ;)

ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Dont tell Airtel.