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Monday, October 01, 2007

Stop a shutdown.

Ctrl+Alt+S >>>>>>>>>> Thats the shortcut button for my shutdown and i accidentally did just that(mistook it 4 d shortcut for an application), and i was forced to c my sys. go down with 3 or 4 apps open (with only one of em having the restore function(firefox)).
Once the system was up again, the first thing i did was to google "how to stop a shutdown". And it didnt take me long to find this:

"Let’s say that you need to cancel a shutdown in progress. Go to the computer in question, hit Windows Key + R then type command below:
shutdown -a
This will abort the shutdown, assuming there is a counter and it hasn’t reached zero yet! "

Here goes the Funda >> if you shutdown your sys. thru shutdown -s or shutdown -r it takes around 30 secs(its a pointer, and kills itself after 30 secs) to shutdown, so if u can beat that deadline by popping up the run function and hitting that command, then its fine. But if you shutdown ur sys. from the button, then what the sys. does is kill the pointer first giving you no time at all to do the "run command" thing.
But one thing that works to our advantage is that if you accidentally shuts down your system, you ought to have applications running( cos you werent ready to shutdown, it was by chance), so this will take the sys. more time( it will have to kill the running apps first), that gives us enuf time to do the "run command" thing.

Note:Systems with high RAM will take less time to shutdown, so atleast in this case its better to have less of that Primary memory, ;-).

Here is a better way to implement the "shutdown -a" command thing, i.e to create a shortcut for this command. Now to do this, right click on your desktop, select New>>Shortcut. Enter the following commands there "%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -a" . Give a name of your choice and your shortcut is created. Now what you want to do is create a shortcut key for this shortcut, thats even simpler>> right click the shortcut, go to properties and enter your shortcut key (Mine is Ctrl+Alt+Z).
Now when you dont wanna actually shutdown when you accidentally did, all you wanna hit is "Ctrl+Alt+Z".
Hope this is of help to you, especially for em who are slow on the keyboard.

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