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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Its a beautiful Safari...........................

The first thing that came to my mind when my firefox went down last week was "Apple Safari". I knew that everything Apple was cute and very graphical. But i needed a reason to down it and use it, and i got the only reason that a firefox user will get to shift to another browser, it went down. I downed Safari for windows(was d only Apple thing besodes itunes available for windows)and started using it, reminding myself that no matter how good it is going to be, i'm not going to stick with it ( i will have to go back to firefox, cos i knew it wasnt goin 2 b better than fox.). And here is what i found.....

+Yes the effects were eye catching(especially the load status of a page happening right behind the address bar) if not astounding.
+Yes the webpages certainly looked cuter.
+Yes the speed looked a bit better than fox, or was it just an illusion???
+Yes it posses some handy functions which firefox will give you eyes closed.
+Yes bookmarks look pretty neat.


-It doesnt shift tabs from the keyboard,infact almost noffin happens from the keyboard- no closing tabs either. Only thing that works is "Ctrl-T".
-No "undo closed tab"(besides it has got its close button on the left side of the tab)
-No status bar.
-Noffin like extensions in ffox(the biggest advantage ffox have over Safari, for that matter any browser).Addons available.
-You wont see your taskbar if its autohidden when safari is open.
-Obviously no multiple profiles.
-I think the Apple folks put all of The "Speed thing" into browsing, Downloads just dont happen( atleast in Airtel gprs).It once showed "1 day,9hrs..........." remaining for a 6mb down.Ghosh!! the downloads never were that bad in ffox even with my so called slow net(these days that is).

The list goes on and on as i step onto just the third day with it, meanwhile my ffox is up again after an xp repair. So happy to shift back..........

Safari is a sort of browser that you should have on your machine, so that you can show children how beautiful Flickr looks. Or just have a little bit of relief for yourself after a bit of power browsing with ffox. So its really handy if you have a Safari shortcut sitting on your desktop, you can get 1 here

Bottomline:Firefox if Firefox.