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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Irresistable blog.

I am recently into some sort of random blog surfing and one blog which i found interesting was iamsid at wordpress.

I found the very first post titled "In Love again" very true. Especially the line "Every time my phone alerts me for a new message, I always wish that’s it’s her".
I also found some other good stuff like the post titled "Go natural" where Sid (Assuming that is his name) goes onto expalin why Chinese people have long lives. And according to that post it is because their medicines are all natural. Interesting observation.
I also came to know he is a professional web develocper and a certified professional macromedia dreamweaver developer. Cool.

He has also got his favourite movies listed in the sidebar which include
Pirates of the Caribbean 3Oceans 13,Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix,Rush Hour 3,
Bourne Ultimatum. All cool movies.

Found the The three trees story very interesting.

But one thing i could not make out is the title of the blog "Ang blog na wala pang title e wala akong maisip e… hehehe".
It would be so nice of Sid if he takes the pain to explain it. ;-)

Do visit this blog, it is worth the time.