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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The most spoken human name.

Ever wondered which is that single human name that has ever been uttered the most number f times?? I'm wondering, thats why i'm posting here.

Here are some possible candidates.........

*Mahatma Gandhi- Nah, v utter his name nly during our history classes, on our independence day nd these days after seeing Lage raho Munnabhai.
+Abraham lincoln-Same case wit him. The bloody Americans(not all) utter his name nly on occassions.
*David beckham-Yup, Thats a better suggestion. The crowd chants his name during plays, his fans utter his name, girls utter in their sleeps nd ofcourse when they r awake.
+Tom cruise- Hmmmmmmm, ya he is a superstar. But mostly people utter his name nly when he is in the news, for instance when another f his Mission impossible flicks make news or about to make some.

These r some f d names that come to my mind when i think of the title.

But the one name that comes out the winner for me is "Orkut",that addictive social networking site. Ya its actually the name of the guy who developed it, "Orkut buyukkokten" being his full name. He is a google employee, nd developed this site called orkut for his employer in his office free hours. Great!! hmmmm ya great. But does he deserve this much....... His name being uttered the most number of times ever(according to me , that is).
This social networking site has almost a crore users nd most f them talk about it with their freinds when they r offline as well, they do it everyday in the process uttering the name "Orkut". Its the most visible "Human name" on the internet with crores of webpages starting like this "orkut -..........................". Not to mention the crores f notification mails they send to their users wit the subject lukin like "orkut-............".
Ya there are other social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace,Friendster who has got way more users than what "Orkut" has got. But clearly they are not the name of any human. So that doesnt make ne difference here......

Now the ? is does the name "Orkut" deserve all this ?? Does a bit f Programming brilliance 4m Orkut deserve this much??.......... Mayb he shud change the name of his site......... nd pick a leaf out f sites like facebook. Or if he is so adamant on havin a human name, y not try sum f our above candidates....... or would do great ;-)

Nd how abt ;

*- Nd if u r wondering wht d above pic got 2 do wit this post, i'm lettin u know tht i have developed this buggy habit of searching the title of the post ("The most spoken human name." in this case) on google images and pick d most catchy image on d first result page and post it along wit the post topic. Ghosh!!