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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My favourite extensions.

Its been a while since i blogged last. Its not that i was too busy to blog, and it is also not that i was not.

I could have blogged if i had wanted to, but that does not mean that i didnt want to, and that also dont mean that i wanted to. IT JUST DIDNT HAPPEN, thats it .

Anyhow why complain when i'm blogging again.

Even though i was into using firefox extensions almost as soon as i installed my first firefox, its only recently that i came to know about it in detail (read coding and packaging). And i guess you know why if you have read one of my previous posts(work on mini).

There are many extensions that i cant live without....

And here they come ...........



Its a download manager that is damnnnnn usefull for slow internet users. Got download filters (although i havent used this particular feature much, i'm sure it works just fine).

2. Scribfire (previously performancing)

This extension is one of the main reason for my sudden interest in blogging.  This peach enables us to post directly from firefox.  Try this for sure if you are a blogger or a wannabe..........

3. VideoDownloader

Although there are other ways to download videos from sites like Youtube, this  extension  which sits  neatly in the status bar enables us to download videos with just a click.

A must if you are a Youtube freak or kinda..........

4. Greasemonkey

Arguably the most popular extension around, allows us to alter the behaviour  of a webpage with some cool scripts. A bit geeky, but all the same very interesting especially if you are into any kind of programming.

(I take this chance to announce that i will be into writing greasemonkey scripts soon.............. whoilaaa)

5. Cooliris


Cool as the name suggests, shows you the preview of a link if you point to it. I dont use it personally cos of my slow internet connection.

But i have seen the magic at 2mbps, So try it for sure if you are a high speed net user.

6. Tabeffect

Nothing much to tell about this one. This one adds an effect when we shift tabs. Looks cool.

* Dude IRAH IRS , that was 4u.

*"Firefox is an animal which goes

under the sea in search of its prey". Thats one definition i got 4m

som1 when i was talking about firefox the browser.


hari nair said...

dTA is the one to be at first position for it ease to use...
but #!am did you leave out quicknote??